Monday, May 6, 2013

April 15 - I guess we all had stories about crap this week

WELL as always it is so awesome to hear from you guys and you guys just make me so happy! man every one of your letters is just awesome:) you guys are great writers and I am especially impressed at you Shay:) when I started I half expected that you would get caught up in everything that keeps you busy and forget about me, but you have written me constantly and I really, really love to hear from you! Especially all of your track stories, I LOVE THEM! I just about fell out of my chair when you told me what Connor said. You must have really kicked the crap out of her! 27 seconds is pretty darn good. Now my question is was she just kinda holding back until districts or is it just that she hasn´t improved? Also those pictures are awesome. You kick butt toots! I pray that you can keep on improving and run your best times at districts and state. LOVE YOU LOTS. 
Well I haven´t heard anything about when we get to talk this mothers day. I´m sure we´ll get to skype again but I´ll have to ask which days we are allowed to. I´ll ask president when he comes up here for a p-day activity that the 2 zones here in Cucuta will have. Since we are so far from everyone else we can´t join together in those huge groups of missionaries for activities like this like when I was in Bogota and Tunja which was relatively close to Bogota. So we´ll just have about 30 missionaries here and the president. I have the suspicion  that we will be having the push up contest then, which is 2 p-days from now the 29th. So I have been tryin to hit it hard and trying to get up to around 100 in a row lol. But yup I´ll ask him then. 
Sooo anyways this week has been a pretty good one. I am still amazed that the people here come up to US on the streets and contact US!!!! I have had that happen 3 times now and everytime I honestly have thought at first that they were going to ask for money or try to fight with us but no! It´s all hey! what church are you from? what do you believe in? Can you guys come visit me?  I need a bible, it´s awesome! we have found a few people that way and even an entire family so we´re doing great. Also we have a member who is really cool.  He´s a big black guy and he goes out with us every week to show us to his friends. He´s way cool and funny too.  I think all black guys are pretty much the same no matter what language they speak. So we are doing pretty good here. Basically when I got here there were a few investigators but they just aren´t progressing.  Now so we have found a decent amount of new ones and are working hard to find more. My goal is that we just have so many people to teach that we never have to ask ourselves ¿well now what should we do? which has happened a lot in these last few weeks lol. haha every night when I´m laying in my bed I feel my feet trying to take steps lol. Honestly it´s so weird and I´m just like wow, my feet don´t know how to rest they just want to keep walking lol. 

Anyways I´ll end with my own story about crap this week (it´s not actually mine, but I took part in making fun of the Elder that owns this story) yeah since pa told me all about his hilarious crap story this week, and shay too I figured I just better tell you guys another crap story. Well we have a bout of diarrhea going on in the house, luckily I´m fine and perfectly solid but all the latinos in the house have the worst diarrhea lol. Ol elder Westerhyde (I call him Wester) from Guatemala got the worst of it lol. So I guess Saturday he was walking and he just couldn´t hold it in anymore and he had an accident in the street. This was about at 5 or 6 or sometime in there. So they obviously had to go back home, but as he was half waddling home he remembered that we had the key to the apartment! Yeah we need to make a copy lol. So the poor kid who at this point  had poo trickling down into his sock (don´t ask me why it was only one leg cause I have no idea) had to tough out the rest of the day with gushy brown garment bottoms. That night we got home a little late and they were waiting outside for us. I noticed that he had a funny look on his face so I was like What’s up Wester?  How’s it going, you doin all right. He just told us to unlock the door and that he´d tell us later. Well we got in the house and me and my comp started to plan, but Wester got right in the shower. We were both confused so we went and asked his comp what happened. His comp is really seroius and told us with the straightest face ever that poor Wester had crapped his pants and because they didn’t have keys he had to go to all of his lessons that day with poo in his pants. I just about died and the whole rest of the night we just teased ol Wester, he´s a good sport though and laughed right along with us. That was about the funniest thing that happened this week lol.
Well we are going to go buy food and go play some mikro which is soccer but with a cement court and its the size of the basketball court so love you all!!!! Sorry I dont have pics this week but maybe the next! LOVE YAAAAA

Elder Crook

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