Monday, May 13, 2013

My One Hour of Heaven

Well I sure enjoyed talking to you guys yesterday. I am so thankful that everyone is alright and doing great back home, and I agree with Pa that this is going to be an interesting next year that I too don`t want to go fast or slow haha.  So we`ll have to just take it one day at a time and enjoy every bit of it. So honestly it`s hard for me to even think that we even called last night just cause it passed by so darn fast. It is just so weird sometimes because I just get in such a routine of working all week reading and writing you guys then going back to work. Haha afterwards I realized that my parents and sister are more than just words on the page or pictures on the computer screen. It`s just so weird, and is making me so much more grateful for who you guys are and all that you have done for me. I really, really enjoyed it in the moment and it will be a great memory that I will keep in the back of my head. 
Well I actually didn´t get Griffin Lines letter so you´ll have to give him my e-mail again and make sure it goes through. But I liked what dad said about your track meet Shay. That he was yellin at you to not let poor Cody beat you and you turned on the after burners and whooped his butt like normal. haha Pa,  I wouldn´t feel bad about ol Cody either, I´d probably be givin him crap alongside his dad too lol. Haha also about the poor ol bunny rabbit.  I heard somewhere that rabbit meat goes really well in soup, or maybe if that doesn´t work you guys can just make some rabbit jerky, I bet that’s pretty tasty lol. And I realized today (I realized a lot today cause I printed your letters out) that whenever you guys talk about food it makes me want some of your goodies soooooo Baaaadddddd. Theres no chocolate chip cookies here! Although I did get a recipe from my man Elder Boyd, when we get all moved we´ll have to make a batch or 2:) 
Well my week was just pretty normal for me, I don`t know if you could say the same for my comp. He just kinda hit the ground running with me and for the first few days I kinda forgot he was new and just treated him like he should know everything. But that was bad on my part, cause he got baptized a little over a year ago and he´s just super, super, super, super green. He´s talking to me more now but he just shelled up when he got here. I can´t blame him, everything is new to him, even the I have just had to slow myself down and make sure he understands everything, make sure we plan really good and most of all make sure to give him all of the personal time at night. But he´s great and has a great spirit so things should be going good the next few months with him. Also he follows me in every step, so I realized real quick that I can´t be a bad example in anything or he will follow and that will set a precedent for the rest of his mission.
Well mom, I´m grateful that you wrote me about your desires to share the gospel with your coworkers, just don´t get scared, people have their free agency to choose and decide for themselves and more often than not are waiting to hear the Gospel. I personally don´t think that it will hurt your relationship with others at all because everyone already knows that your mormon and have accepted you. Also it made me think of a scripture in D&C 84:85 that talks about sharing the gospel (I think that was the first scripture that I learned in the MTC lol) And also It´s great to hear that Emily is getting better and will be able to go back to school here soon, thanks for telling me that, I still try to keep her in my nightly prayers. 
Well the last thing is to keep sending me things that can help me be a better missionary. I want more object lessons, talks, (dad I would like that talk on the atonement that you gave that one time in gospel doctrine for Easter Sunday) more quotes, and inspirational stories. I am making a really cool study journal that I will put all of that stuff in. It´s more like a study book filled with topics and also fun and cool pages about missions. My first page is titled MISSION 101 lol. Well thats all I´ve got for today, I love you all tons and tons and tons!!!!!!!!!!

-Elder Crook

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