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April 29

Alrighty ma, you told me that you would send me a pic of Shays race and I don´t have it here in my inbox, arrepientate alright! send me the darn picture cause it always makes me feel a little closer to you guys as if I were there with you:) Thanks haha. And pa ya I know that sometimes I forget to shine my shoes lol but I have shined them since then and actually used my aguacero boots (that I will tell you about a little later) Ok anyways I´m super happy to hear that Shay totally kicked butt in her last meet and that she is learning the principle of obedience through going to Friday school. I am still laughing about how you just felt so guilty staying home in the first place and about how mad you were about getting punished:) (by the way I never went to those stupid assemblies either) haha actually the same exact thing happened to me my last year.  I just told ol Mulkey that I was on my free period studying my BUTT off lol, he believed me and didn´t do anything. Guess you should go to the next one huh? hahhaha I think this is one of the moments that you are glad that I´m not home because I feel like teasing you a lot on this one haha. Love ya toots! 
Alrighty so we had our super p-day today and no unfortunately we did not doa  push up contest because there just wasn´t enough time. We played soccer on a turf field across from one of the chapels here, and it was super fun!. There are only 4 gringos here in Cucuta and 3 of us play decently, the other one is very uncoordinated lol. So we played a big game to start out with and I scored a few golasos.  During the middle it got kinda rough. I wasn´t the one starting the roughness but I got some contact in here and there lol. Just like dad says ¨theres always a little room for football in every sport¨ I applied that principle and had some good hits here and there lol. Afterwards one of the other gringos asked sister Andelin if we were gonna play with the hermanas and she said only if you guys stop tackling each other lol. So that was pretty fun, there are some really good soccer players here, and I actually like to play it, its fun lol. Then we had lunch and a little meeting with the 2 zones here about missionary stuff then we left and now I´m here. So it was pretty awesome and I took lots of pics which I will send you. Oh also one of my best friends from the mission Elder Da Silva sent me a tie that his dad gave to him when he was trained. I think I have made a friend for life with him even if we can only communicate through e-mail and face book the rest of our lives. 
Also about the aguacero boots lol, it has been raining a TON here! More than in any other area, it is nice at night because it isn’t near as hot as when I got here. Also during the day it is soooooo awesome! Just nice and warm but with the sky covering the sun, it’s not so hot. But Friday night it started to rain monsoon style. Honestly it was one aguacero lol, we were at a less active members house and he gave us huge trash bags and cut head holes and arm holes in them and sent us on our way. We looked like such DORKS but I’m very used to weird looks now lol. The streets were like rivers! My shoes stayed dry like half of the way home then they just got soaked so I decided to have some fun and just wade through the streets.  We were with one of the zone leaders Elder Boyd who is another one of my good friends and we just goofed around the whole way home in our trash bags lol. So after that I have been using those big timbaland boots that make me look like a big time rapper or something lol. But it was an experience I will never forget just because I have never been so wet, and had so much fun. 
Well I want to end my letter asking you guys for help. I want to really be a little different in the way I teach and do things so I want object lessons! of anything you can think of! I want inspirational quotes! anything you can come up with! and I want activities that we can do for family home evening! Anything you can think of. You guys can all help me be a better missionary through sending me theese little things every week. Think of what you guys have already done and taught, send me everything! and this isnt´just limited to mom, dad and Shay, anyone who reads these letters,  send me ideas alright! It really would be awesome if you guys could do that for me!

Alright gootaa gOOOooo

-Elder Crook 

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