Monday, May 6, 2013

April 22 - You Guys are My Favorite

Well first off I just wanna tell you guys that I got more letters than I ever have this week lol. I got one from elder Da Silva, from my kid escobar, from grandma and grandpa from josh and derek and paul woytus. It was awesome hearing from all those guys and to know that in one moment or the other I had crossed their minds. But then I saved your guys´letters for last and I just have to say that you guys are my favorite, no one can or will ever replace you guys. HONESTLY holy crap I almost just started to cry knowing that I am missing every single track meet of shays for the rest of her high school career. I guess I just thought that I´d get back and she´d still be 15 and a sophmore. Honestly that is one of the hardest things about being away, not geting to see my big sister grow up. But I know that if I were there with you guys I´d just want to be here, so I just gotta enjoy the moments that are given to me and not worry about anything else. Freak shay is turning 17 this week, why do you have to do that Shay? oh well, haha I wrote in my planner during weekly planning in big ol letters FELIZ CUMPLE MI HERMANA TOOTS:) haha hope everything goes well this wednesday and just want to let you know that I keep you in my prayers every night as well as mom and dad. 
Alright anyways I had a pretty good week with a few funny things happening. The first is that I got flat out attacked by a dog lol. It wasn´t that big, but it wasn´t that small either, just the right hieght for a doc marten left foot shoe in the chops lol. Well we were walking to a lesson after lunch and there was a nasty lookin dawg laying in the street which is pretty normal lol. I was walking on the right side of my comp and the dog was across the street on the left. But as we passed it, the thing just went godzilla and started chasing us. Well I start to run and my comp too, but he got a late start so he was a little behind but he wasn´t who the dog had beef with, the thing passed him and went after me, (at this point I´m running and looking back over my shoulder, so it comes up on my right side and and nips at my heels so I do some high steps lookin like a retard I´m sure. Then I stop and he comes in to bite my right leg. So I turned and gave him a kick with my left. I still play this out in my mind and am mad at myself for not kicking him harder lol. But those doc martens wheigh like 2 pounds each so I think the might have heart his poor yapper. Then he starts to run backwards barking and my comp fakes throwing a rock at him which scares him a little. Now in my rage it´s my turn to charge the poor thing, I wasn´t really thinking but I start to run after it and it kinda runs away, but after a few steps I´m just like ¨what are you doing, your a human and he´s a dog, leave him alone lol¨ so I stopped and we kept on walking, crisis averted lol no bites no blood, and well theres always sweat involved when your talking about cucuta lol. 
The other funny thing was that I learned that that jehovahs witness guy that invited us in thought we were Jehovahs witnesses lol. But we started to teach him about the Book of Mormon and hes been reading it! he´s an old geezer but we´ve been working on him little by little and in the plan of salvation lesson he asked us how he could get baptised because he only has a catholic baptism (I don´t know why the witnesses didn´t baptise him) and we asked him if he would like to do it the right way;) with power and authority straight from God. He ALMOST said yes, but then realized that that would make him  member of the iglesia mormonica as he says and got scared lol. So he said he would pray about what church he should attend and let us know. We´re visiting him tuesday so i´ll let you know how it goes. I don´t know why I´m telling you about him in particular but I think it´s been a really cool experience to see the cogs turning in his mind and when he prays to see if this is actually true. So hopefully i´ll send you a picture of him dressed in white in front of the font:)
Weelll I´ll end with my last story that I personally think is the coolest! I got to talk in sacrament meeting for the first time on my mission!!!!! it was weird cause in the morning a thought came to my mind that I might have to talk today. I was thinking about the day before when we went to a baptism of the hermanas in my district, they told me 5min before that I would give the 5 min talk before the baptism. thats not a problem i said but I was kinda torked that they had planned for this in the baptismal agenda and hadnt even thought to tell me. But anyway, I thought about that and then the thought came that I might have to talk in sacrament. So I grabbed my notebook with my planned talk if anyone were ever to surprise me with a talk before sacrement meeting. So I brought that along (I made it right when I got to Tunja a few months ago) and we got there and sure enough the bishop greeted us, started to ask my comp somethin and then stopped and turned to me with the same question, will you give a talk? I said yes of course and then asked my comp why the bishop didnt ask him. he told me he had already been asked and he just told them to shove it up thier butts and tell him beforehand when he had time to prepare. So yup, I gave the last talk in sacrament and guess what? the two other dipwads left me with 20 freaking minutes lol. So I got up there and gave my talk in the best gringo accent ever. I tripped over some words reading from the scriptures and saved myself by making a joke about how gringo I am (everyone loves those jokes when you make fun of yourself) but I took up the time talking about how we can let our lights shine bright and to not hide them and to develop them and all that good stuff. I ended with my testimony which i love doing because I feel like when I´m bearing my testimony the spanish just flows right from my heart. It was awesome and actually fun! haha and everyone told my good talk afterwords, I asked them If they understood and they all did! Well I´m quite short on time today but I just wanna tell you guys that I sure love you:) hasta luego:)  

-Elder Crook     

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