Monday, May 20, 2013

Wasn't it just Homecoming?

Dangit Shay!!!! You are such a freaking STUD!!!! There’s only 4 letters to describe Shay S.T.U.D. Haha when you look for stud in the dictionary, Shaylen’s picture is right there next to a skinny tall Ethiopian man who runs the mile in 2 minutes! haha honestly Shay’s letters this week were the best! and the pics! I love the pics! Well we just have got a few more days till the big ol state meet (not me, unfortunately I won´t  know until NEXT MONDAY!) but that’s alright!  I know that Shay is a Stud and kicks the crap out of people. WAY TO GO SHAY!!! And honestly, I can still remember so clear, sitting in Bogota after homecoming weekend getting to the bottom and seeing Shay, wondering if I was actually looking at my sister, and just sitting dumbfounded looking at the pictures. Today I prepared myself mentally a bit and enjoyed looking at all the pictures that were sent to me. Sounds like it was a great week! 
Well my week also was pretty great! We had 2 count em 2 baptisms that turned out really well. The hermana is just so awesome! She has a testimony of the church and has felt a change in her life for the better. I felt the spirit so strong when she was bearing her testimony afterwards.  It was just great. Also we baptized her son that is 10 years old, and after he got baptized started swimming in the font! My companion drug him out of the water but not before the bishop opened the curtain things and said ¨What is going on in here!¨ haha I was laughing so hard, but trying to be reverent, Then I went and gave a hermano the movie to watch in between while we got dressed and little Carlitos went back and jumped in the font again! He was so happy and content in that water lol. I drug him out and shoved him in the dressing room with his mom and made sure he didn’t escape again to swim, all the while just laughing quietly to myself. 
Well we also moved houses this last week and it is really awesome to live in the heart of our area, I feel integrated with the people lol like I´m just one of the vecinos or just another peep living in Cucuta. Except we didn’t have a fridge for like almost a week, and we don’t have an oven or even a stovetop to cook eggs on. So I´m just pretty much breadin it. Or I make meat, bread and cheese sandwiches lol. But so it´s pretty empty lol, just basically our beds and study tables and 2 chairs lol. But It´s been good, I´m gettin along great with my comp, he´s really just pretty easy going and still kinda shy but we´re workin on that. I have slowed down a ton, and we are studying like crazy!!! So I´m doing great as well!
Pa, it´s like 300 pesos to print out a sheet of paper so just go for it and send me those talks, after a while printing things out does get expensive but for the material that you are giving me it´s worth it. Also the object lessons are going great! I have so far done the cup one that mom sent on the restoration and the atonement one with the food coloring and bleach. That is super cool for people of all ages! The cup one too, it´s just like an easier way for the people to understand which is pretty much our purpose. Oh and mom, that’s pretty cool that you are still running a crap ton of miles! Good luck with the marathon and thanks again for those other lessons you sent me. Oh and Melanie, I can only get online to view my e-mail and can´t really go to your sight even if it is for the lesson things. But thank you and maybe you can send me one directly to the e-mail. I sure love you guys sooooooooo sooooooo much and hope that all goes well this week.......AT............STATE!!!!! KICK BUTT SHAY!!!!!!!!!!!

-Elder Crook

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