Monday, April 8, 2013

The Best 2 days Ever!!!

So if I were to ask myself before the mission that I would completely enjoy 10 full hours of old guys in suits and ties talking, I would have thought that was crazy!! But now, my 2nd conference in the mission I savored every minute of those 10 hours that we got to watch General Conference. I absolutely loved the talks by Elder Holland and Elder Uchtdorf in the priesthood session. I´ll share a quote that I liked ¨Even though we´re far from perfect doesn´t mean that we can lower the expectations¨ I think that the best and most important thing that I learned from this conference is that you can´t make big changes all at once. Small and simple acts of obedience will make the big changes over time. I feel that a lot of the times I want to make huge changes to make myself tons better, but it´s not like that. Little by little and one step at a time. Honestly haha that was just about the best birthday present I have had EVER. Lol I have had some pretty darn good ones over the years but I just felt sooo grateful that on my birthday I got to sit in an air conditioned room and listen to the words of the prophet and apĆ³stoles. It was an awesome birthday even though there was no cake (or chocolate pie in my case lol), presents, or family. Just 3 of my other gringo buddies and conference haha in English of course! We had a great time Sunday too. The relief society president brought lunch for the 4 missionaries in our ward and we had a little picnic there on the grass of the Stake Center and ate chicken and rice. I also got to meet just about all of the missionaries in the 2 zones here in Cucuta as well. It was a really great weekend and I hope that even when I am home I can get this much out of a general conference. It just gives you a huge spiritual upboost and re-excites you to go and kick some butt being a missionary and be happy doing it. 
Anyways ma, I´m not sure where you’re getting your info but it is definitely  hotter than 85 here! Last week we stopped for a water break at a members house and his thermometer read 38 degrees celcius in the shade, I think thats like more than 100. And my little thermometer always is in between 31 and 33 in the mornings in the house which is like 89 to 95 I think (it has farenheit  but I always keep it on celcius). So I found out that in the night times that if you put water in the freezer then you soak your garment in the water and put it on to go to sleep it helps a lot! then when I wake up at night to go get another drink its all the way dry lol. But I am used to it now lol I still sweat like crazy though, you should see my shirt collars lol. 
Anyways I have had a great time in my new area working and all that jazz.  The people are a lot nicer here and last week someone even invited us into his home. That was a new experience haha, He is jehovahs witness but he didn’t want to fight with us or anything he just wanted to share with us what he was reading in his watchtower magazine lol, but then we taught him the Book of Mormon and he loves to read so he is in the process of reading a little bit. It was also cool cause he´s kind of an older dude, and I have never taught someone like that before. Also in our area we have like a really poor part and then to get back up to the main part we had to hike up a little hill thing but it´s like pure jungle and it´s pretty sweet. I´ll have to take my camera next time and take some pics and send them to you. As for this week you´ll only get pics of my sweet scripture cases and one of our gringo conference party. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! .

-Elder Crook

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