Monday, May 27, 2013

3rd place at State!....Way to Go!

Alright well I don´t really think about home during the week but man Friday and Saturday night came around and I was just itching to know how Shay did. I almost couldn´t take it at night when we have a little bit of free time to eat something and to shower and stuff and to write in my journal (yes I´m still juicioso at writing in the good ol journal.) So when Monday came around I was just so excited to print out your letters and read that Shay once again kicked some major butt. Anyways it was so awesome to hear how great you did Shay!!! 3rd at 5a state:) Remember last year when we went to Baja Fresh afterwards with Frank? That was fun wasn´t it. I can remember telling you that you were running like a 10:44 and that if you could shave 20 seconds off this year and then 20 seconds off your senior year you´d be running with the best of em. Well if I remember correct you shaved just about 20 seconds off of your time at state last year!!! So hopefully this next year you can do just around the same and run like a 10:02 or a 10:05 no? That would be super awesome right!!!! Well love you lots, now take a break for a few weeks and let those legs and knees rest. I´m sure proud of you:) And I think it would be freaking awesome too if you became a Banana Slug.  Those things are pretty cool right although they would dry up and die in those nice California winters.....hmmmmm something to think about. I know that you have your mind set on BYU but expand it a little!
Alright so it was Mothers Day this Sunday and the whole town just went crazy. Saturday night there was music bumping really hard on seriously every corner. We woke up at 6:30 and it was still going!! and the people were STILLL drinking lol. But we had a good turn out at church and some really nice messages for all the moms. Then afterwards we went to the BEST LUNCH IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. There’s a hermano here that absolutely loves his wife. He made seriously like 50 steaks!!! for the whole family and for us. So they brought me my plate and I had 2 huge steaks that covered more than half the plate with salad, potatoes and guacamole (everyone has guacamole with their baked potatoes) then he said ¨Elders Don´t feel ashamed to eat the meat with your hands¨ that was all he needed to say, I went to town on those 2 steaks!! Man they were soooooo good and I honestly had forgotten how much I love meat lol. So then I get done, and the hermano says to me ¨those first two pieces looked like they were kinda tough, here’s 2 more¨ so he gave me 2 more huge steaks and honestly I did not even feel at all full, man I just devoured those things then took my plate to the kitchen to wash it and my hands. Then one of the sons whose a return missionary said ¨hey look man I got way to fat on my mission and I can´t eat my second steak¨ so he gave me another piece and tried to start talking to me in English and said es que, tengo muchos fatties! Haha that was super funny and I almost choked on the meat! Honestly I have never been more satisfied in my life! It was awesome, and I´m not exaggerating. I had 5 pieces of manly meat!! Then we shared a message about Mothers Day and one of the other return missionaries asked me one thing that I missed about my mom.  I had to respond right on the spot that the first thing that popped into my head was your Sunday walks that you´d always go on. I would never go because I was too busy watching tv or just doing something better ya know. So I told them about that, that mom would always ask me to go on walks with you guys and I never hardly went and that if I had the chance to go on a walk with her right now I just wouldn´t know what to do I´d be so happy.
Well my time is running out but I want to tell you a funny story to end. So we had an activity in the other ward here, they asked us to come especially because no one from their ward knows my new companion (Elder Carballo) so we went and they had Elder Carballo dress up as a bum and sit on the sidewalk outside of the church and ask for money. They were holding an activity about the Good Samaritan. So everyone walked in not even paying attention to him or the little kids would make fun of him lol. Then they all went to the chapel and the other missionaries gave me a signal and I gave the bum,  Carballo, a signal and he walked in the chapel and started asking for money!!!! One hermano almost kicked him out cause he thought he was drunk! then he went over and started asking for some of the refreshments!!! All this time I was sitting in the back laughing my butt off watching my shy, timid companion be the bum lol. It was awesome and at the end, all  the missionaries  sang “A Poor Wayfaring man of Grief “ and he came up and sang with us. He started to sing and take of his bum clothes and had his missionary clothes underneath. It was all good till he got to the pants,It was so funny watching him take off his pants in front of like 40 people. It was an awesome activity and I was really surprised to see my comp come out of his shell. I couldn´t have done it, I would have just started to laugh too hard and give it away. 
Alright well I sure love all of you°!!!!!! the pic is of our district:) LOVE YOU ALLLLL AND WAY TO GOOOOOOO SHAY SHAY:)
Elder Crook

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