Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Just Gotta Love the Work - June 17, 2013

Well I sure am doing great up here in cucuta. So in my other areas we could find just about anything that we needed or wanted. Relating to food or personal items or little things like that to make life just a little out of the ordinary. Like in Tunja every saturday we would buy italian pizza made by a real itailian chef that was amazingly good and one of the best pizzas that I´ve even tasted. In Bogota you could buy almost any type of candybar know to man so I was always buying those lol. But here there is nothing like that. I haven´t eaten pizza since Tunja, and there aren´t any big supermarkets that you can go buy food at. Our supermarket here is 2 aisles lol. Apart from this, Cucuta is rapidly becoming my favorite area because of the people. They are sooooooo AWESOME! everyone is so nice and like to talk and joke around and is just soooo relaxed. It´s kinda funny, I have kinda tightened up a bit and gotten a little more strict but I realized that I can be layed back in some things too. I just love it here!
So we had changes this sunday and nobody went anywhere lol, There were 2 missionaries on our zone that left, thats cause pretty much everyone else in training. So next change there will be a few more. I have just kind of gotten into a groove here and I feel like I´m still new to the area. Even though I´ve been here for 2 months or so it doesn´t feel like that long. So nothing really new happened this week just good ol work. My comp and I are starting to become pretty good friends and we talk in the street more I think than I have talked with any other companion. So he has slid into the missionary groove too (it seems to me) haha but I asked him and he told me that this first change has felt like a lifetime for him, but he´s doing great!  Its weird to know that I´m halfway done and that I wont always be a missionary forever lol. Literally you just think that for the first year lol, that this is just going to go on forever. But then this week i realized that it is a lot shorter than I thought. I totally understand Clint when he says that his mission feels like a dream, because my first year kinda just feel like a dream. We have no other experiences even close to what is the mission so we just relate it to a dream lol. Something just totally foreign and unknown, 
Alright so you guys never told me that you were going to look at colleges with Shay!!! man it honestly makes me want to talk to you guys so much!!! But I have to wait until Christmas lol so I will just have to go another week wondering how all of the college tours went! Shay, this is a decision that you have to take to the Lord. When I decided I did not put hardly any prayer into it. So I just want to tell you to put all of your faith in the Lord and say a prayer, he knows you and loves you and knows where you should go to school. Trust him! Also happy DADS day PA:) we had a great fathers day here, and my comp played a song on guitar to the members that gave us lunch sunday (the same ones that gave me like 50 pieces of meat) he sang to, it was awesome because the song talks about a dear old fart that just needs to be loved and everyone loves him lol. the real title is mi querido viejo. So tell grampa lane and john how awesome they are and that I still remember all of there mission stories.
You too pa, hope you had a great day up there in Utah, and thanks for answering my question:) Also I read that part of your letter about the pitt apartments to my gringo buds, and they all got a kick out of it. So tell me who were your companions then? What was your president like? were you ever district leader or zone leader or had to train a newbie? 
Well I don´t have to much time left and the internet I am in is super slow so I can´t send a picture or 2, you´ll just have to wait till next week. But I always am so happy to hear from you guys and all of the family, oh yeah I don´t even recognize adam and tallies new baby lol. I kinda forgot that they had her. Well be sure to tell me all about your vsits to Jed and Jenny, the Foremasters, and Mark and Paula. Tell them all hi and give them all big hugs for me. You can maybe even challenge Tod to wrestle you or to an arm wrestling contest like we always used to do:) Oh did Tanner already leave for Africa? well I´m sure you´ll tell me all about it next week. Also give clint and cindi great big hugs from me. They are all so awesome:) Clint congrats on returning hime with honor, thanks for being that big example you´ve always been to me. Your awesome and I love you:) I can´t lie I´d feel a little lost at a Crook family reunion without you too. Cindi Te amo, espero que todo esta bien con lexi y que están disfrutando sus vacaciones. Tu siempre has sido mi tía favorita:) pero esto es entre nosotros que hablamos un poquito de castellano;) nuestro secreto.
Love all of you!!!! talk to ya next week!!
-Elder Crook

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