Monday, June 10, 2013

I'm just having a great time!!

Alright well good job Shay on that math test!. I remember those feelings haha, where you just don't have to stress about anything and just get to  rest and relax. Sounds like you guys are gettin all ready to go down to Utah this week and that sounds like it's gonna be a blast! You'll have to tell me all about it next Monday.

Well not much new has happened in my life, we've just been working like crazy and every day I get more and more tired but more and more happy:) I was talking to one of my best buds here Elder Boyd about material things and how we really don't need anything to be happy. Not even food lol, like I have been eating rice for just about a year straight, and even though it gets old sometimes it really just doesn’t matter anymore. Just something that will fill me up so I won't be hungry, just like when you are serving everyone else with all your heart, it just makes you so happy and not care too much about the external circumstances. Mom, I absolutely loved that quote that you sent me from Gordon B. Hinckley about work and service, and the person that serves almost always will get more out of it then the person that was served. I feel like this might be one of the keys to our growth here in this world, how better can we become like Christ than through service! Even if everyone is as whiney as crap (which you know I couldn't take) if you serve them, you automatically love them and it makes you see things through their eyes for a moment. So I just absolutely love this mission!!!! I love learning and growing! and I finally figured out that I'm not here to have fun or to have 10,000 baptisms, or be some great leader of the mission. I'm just here to serve and give all I have to the Lord and to the people around me. 
Well, that just came to my mind lol, but I'll tell ya a little bit about our p-day we had today. We don't hardly do anything here in Cucuta because there’s not a whole lot to do inside of the city, and we're not sure if going outside the city would be that good of an idea. So we just play soccer about every p-day. But today we got there and played a little basketball, gringo style and right after we left our companions (Me, Boyd, and Elder Doll) to go back to Elder Boyd and Doll’s house (they live 4 there) and we made the BEST BREAKFAST BURRITOS of all time. Seriously it had been such a long time since I had eaten hashbrowns! man it was awesome:) then afterwards we were sitting around talking and the man that sells ice cream came by. We all thought for a moment and then decided to chase the ice cream man down with the pitcher used for water or juice or whatever. We had him fill the pitcher full of icecream and we just went to town eating more and more even though we all had brainfeezes lol. When we were done,  we decided to go chase him down again cause it was so good (and cause I personally hadn’t eaten ice cream in a very looonngg time) so this time it was a little more complicated because the ice cream man doesn’t have a specific route.  He just wanders around with his ice cream machine. So after about 10 minutes of searching random streets the spirit led us to where he had gone. He looked back to see 3 weird looking gringos chasing after his cart with the empty pitcher lol. So we asked for more and bought oreos too and broke them up and had delicious oreo and vanilla with blackberries ice cream. But now I feel kinda sick to my stomach because we ate a ton of ice cream. But it was super fun lol.
Alright so thank you so much everyone for sending me quotes and mom especially, I had heard that story before and it is just awesome!  I was so happy to print it out:) But I have a question....So this has been getting me ever since I have gotten here. There are so many Christian Evangelical churches here and almost everyone goes to church, and compared to Tunja there are hardly any Catholics. But everyone just feels fine going to church, listening to basically a motivational speaker motivate them, say some prayers and then get up and listen to basically an awesome concert with awesome songs about God and Jesus. I still haven’t been able to show them  that a church needs actual principles to be the church of Jesus Christ. Anyone have any ideas, also Pa you might be able to help me on this one. A guy yesterday really stumped us, he asked us how is it that your church has the authority of God when my church performs miracles right in front of my eyes. I didn't see that in your church? Is there an answer to that? Do you understand me lol? I personally think that the miracle thing might be very fake but who knows. Alright time to go but I will attach the picture of the baptism that was last Saturday! It was awesome:) Everyone is just so happy:)
-Elder Crook

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