Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Your letters are slackin people! - Kody's letter 6-24-13

Alright so I don´t know if you guys were just super tired today or what, but man......your slackin! maybe its just cause shay wrote me a Gage letter, or now it could be called a Colton letter lol, but at least he sends like a million photos home of just random speakers and stuff lol. But honestly I am quite whiffed about especially Shays letter. Also about Dads too cause I asked him q´s about his mission and he didnt respond. I do think it´s pretty cool though that you are thinkin about buying a new rifle;) And thanks mom for the picture at the Salt lake temple. At least someone understands that in the disconnected life of a full-time missionary maybe once in a while he likes to see what your doin and not just a summary lol. Summaries are for people that can talk face to face. You guys just leave me to fill in the details all by myself. Well I´ve done enough whining, but I know you can do better guys:) And thanks for continuing to send the object lessons and other things to make me a better missionary.
Alright so we had zone conference friday and it was from 9 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon. The first person I saw when I walked in the chapel before it had started was my ex-comp Elder Santillan (he just got switched to the other cucuta zone). So he comes over to me grabs my arm and screams MONKEY BUMP! and whacks me a good one. I quickly pulled up my sleeve to show him the almost golfball size ball of flesh that is rising on my forearm. We got a good laugh out of that. Haha his comp that he´s with now is being tortured with; monkey bumps, wet willies, clavicle crushers, and the 1 eyed turkey looking over the fence:) It made me remember all of the good times that I had with Santillan. Then Sister Andelin informed us that all forms of soda is now banned in the mission. She said it was only for 6 weeks, but I have my doubts. Also we talked about the Prophet Abraham, and president taught that issac was probably around 20 or 30 years old when his father was about to offer him as a sacrifice. What do you guys think? I don´t know much about the old testament stuff, but that would have to mean that Abrahams son was pretty faithful and trusted in his father as a prophet. I thought that was really cool how president taught it and likened it to God and Jesus Christ. 
So today we rented a turf soccer field, its a small one and we played 5 on 4, yeah I know the numbers don´t line up but lets just say someones comp was being a wuss and didn´t play, so we played 2 and a half hours in the hot Cucuta sun:) And the competition was awesome, all of the latinos play great and you know we gringos play como mas o menos haha. But we played so dang hard! I´m a pretty competetive soccer player and tis fun especially when there are hotheaded argentinians who were born playing soccer. I have to say that I had a few golasos. But my strengths are more out of control, knocking into people defense with a powerful right foot when needed lol. You could say I lack a little ball control which I don´t think I´ll ever get the hang of. We even played 4 gringos vs. 5 latinos and gave them a run for their money, we still lost but it was super fun and there was more than a little bit of heated competition, which I have missed SOOOO MUCH! now I am very very very sore lol. But all I have to do is walk in a few hours so I´ll be good:)
Also I hope you guys went to the worldwide conference yesterday! it was sooooooo cool:) It was for the mission presidents but also for any member and every missionary. They said that the work will be switching more to the internet in the mornings, like mormon .org and facebook and stuff. But I don´t think there will be a change in this mission, president is kind of strict on that stuff and only the zone leaders can carry thier cell phones around. But all of the other stuff was awesome and I have been making some good plans on how we can work better with members here. 
Well that was pretty much the highlights of my week, also my comp got his patriarchal blessing! He didnt have time to do it in Bolivia, but he came out of the patriarchs office with a big smile:) I kinda wanted to hear a blessing in spanish but I didnt get to. Anyways I need to get off but I will leave you with a couple pictures:) LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!! TALK TO YA NEXT WEEK:)
-Elder Crook

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