Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The best letters yet! plus the best p-day yet = felicidad! Kody's letter - July 1, 2013

Alright so I am very impressed with your letters, haha I acually printed them all out this morning and the lady was having problems trying to print all of my pages and I was in kind of a hurry too. So I left dads letter in the internet and just spend the last 20 minutes reading his skylergram:) haha thanks for writing me pa, I´ll definitley print it out again and re-read it when time allows, it was a great letter and it had me laughing pretty hard in my chair. So our president just sent us all a letter that says we will be changing the way we work in the mornings. It will be though facebook, twitter, and all those other sights. He also said that for our mission, the change will be when 2014 starts. So who knows, maybe the last 6 months of my mission I will be facebookin it up with my colombian amigos lol. Also Pa before I forget, I have to give my monthly missionary talk in 2 weeks, and I want to do it on the Sacrament and how important it is and how we can integrate it into missionary work. SO If you could send me stuff for that next monday that would be great:) I loved the issac and Abraham deal you sent me, it was really interesting. I get so confused with old testament stuff lol, throw in that I am reading it in spanish.....well its hard to understand. So I pretty much only have the scripture masterys marked and thats about it. Plus its not like we teach that much doctrine, so we don´t really use it here.
Alright Shaylen GREAT LETTER:) I felicitar you on getting your act together and sending me a good one. SOunds like decisions decisions huh....are you going back for an officail tour in novemeber? Keep me updated and I think that its really cool that you could get a scholarship to utah state:) keep it up and keep me informed. Love you lots!!!!!!
Mom I can´t forget you:) haha your letters are always awesome, last week I was basically talking to Dad and shay. But I hope you can find new primary teachers, and keep me updated on who the new coaches will be. Will it be Josh Line ya think? They have like a month to decide right? Thanks for keepin me up to date on that stuff, its quite interesting.
Alrighty soooooo I had an AWESOME p-day. Wanna know what we did, we went with some members of 2 wards here in cucuta to the RIVER....haha no we didnt swim, but they fed us lots:) Remember the mothers day feeding frenzy that I wrote about, ya.....it was like that, I am still full of steak:) The custom is when they go to the river, lots of asado (Steak) grilled potatos and pichaque (guacamole) you eat the potatoes with the guacamole and the steak with your hands lol. Its awesome, no fork and knife buisness;) There were tons of people there today because its a holiday and no one works, dont ask me what is supposed to be celebrated today because  I have no idea. So the place that we went to was outside of Cucuta in a pueblo called Zulia, I was kinda scetched out because I have heard that everywhere around Cucuta has Guerilla, or the people who are trying to overthrow the government or something (its complicated) so when we left the city I was kinda nervous but when we got there it was perfectly safe. We played a little soccer after we ate then headed on back to the house. IT was a great p-day and I will send you the pictures here soon.
The last interesting part of my week was that we were living on the second floor in a little apartment, the people downstairs moved out so we hurried and talked so the owner and the mission president and moved downstairs where WE HAVE AIR CONDITIONING in one room. Its like the only house here that has it, apart from the churches, so that was super exiting.

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