Monday, July 22, 2013

I'm the Exotic Meat Man!!

Alright so we had a great week here in Cucuta, our little piece of zion. It has stopped raining completely and the wind isn´t as strong. There´s not a cloud in the sky...and it´s flippin hot!! So right after lunch is always when it´s the hottest, and always when you feel like you just want to lay down in the shade and sleep. I have caught myself more than once saying under my breath ¨man I really don´t like Cucuta¨ I don’t like the hot weather! but right after lunch when you just feel soo fat and you go out in the sun automatically to sweat, it´s a great feeling. Haha it´s not actually that hot, like 95 in the sun, so  the weather has been good, and when the sun goes down, I find myself saying ¨Cucuta is just awesome, I could stay here for a good long while.¨ 
Well we gave our talks this Sunday, mine went really well! Dad I translated the page you gave me about the symbols of the sacrament by John Bytheway. And just about the whole ward came up and told me wow! I never knew that! It really is awesome to know that we are a church that is based on the scriptures and has these kinds of symbols. I have applied this when I am sitting in sacrament meeting, and it has had a profound impact on my experience in this part of church. Man! when you think about Jesus and try to comprehend what he did. The great sweet pure feeling of the spirit just penetrates right to my soul:) This Sunday was especially great because the investigator that we will baptize this Saturday got to church right before we started the sacrament. So I was able to reflect on the change of heart that he has had and it was just an awesome spirit filled meeting. Then I took a few parts from the talk by John Groberg (kolipoki) and finished. I love speaking! I speak a little different in Spanish because if I  try to wing it a little bit it doesn´t come out as good as when I have everything written down. However in English I remember the talk I gave at BYU -  I just wrote down key points that I wanted to hit and just winged it a little bit more there:) 
Hey so I was thinkin...if you guys are making a patio in that part of the yard why don´t you just put a hottub there? WOULD THAT BE COOL OR WHAT!!! If I remember right for scouts, I did my landscaping merit badge and designed a plan exactly to put a hot tub right in that exact spot. I think you should do it, that’s what I would do lol. Also I remember that I designed the basketball court to have strong glass panes around it and to put a paintball field on the back lawn. I think that’s a better idea than a greenhouse. You guys should send me pictures of at least the hot tub when you get it finished;) 
So getting to the ´Meat¨of my letter I will talk about just that. I ATE DUCK FOR LUNCH THIS WEEK.....MAS RICO:) haha so we have a member who raises ducks in his back yard. He actually reminds me a little bit of grandpa Lane, so a few weeks back he took us out to show us the ducks. I picked one out and told him that I wanted that one for lunch! He said seriously!!! alright I´ll get right on it! So we got to lunch and had THE BEST Duck that I have ever tried in my life (I think it was the first time that I had eaten it) I had planned on bringing my camera but I forgot it because we went to a meeting with our president all morning and left it in the house. But man I will never forget eating duck, it was great! Also it was the same place that gave us the mondongo meat, so there are always good and bad days. 
Alright so Pa once again you’re yelling at the cable guys huh? I remember that day when I got home from school and you were having one of those as you say¨heart to heart¨conversations... So I kinda had one of those conversations with our taxi driver today. We settled at 6 mil pesos to go to one of the churches here in Cucuta. We told him that the church was 2 blocks behind the big mall that they have here. He kept annoying us as he was driving that he needed to know the street number, we didn´t know it we just know how to get there. So I told him I would be his guide (side note: All of the other taxistas are always chill and cool with us just telling them a landmark and they always get there) but this guy just wouldn´t have it. So we get to the mall and he asks me where to go, I say turn right at the next street and go down two blocks and we´re there. He starts to complain and ask for more money, I had just about had it with this guy on the ride over, so I said ¨just let us out right here and we´ll give you 5¨ you didn´t  get us to where we wanted to go so we´re not giving you 6. He started to complain but we just walked away lol. My companion liked it lol, he knows by now that I don´t like when people complain.
So for the last p-day in this change we went to the big nice turf fields and played for a good 2 hours. I had a few golasos as usual and actually am really starting to like to play soccer. Even though I still can´t dribble with my feet and look up to pass( thats kind of key) I like it and have fun.
Well I know that there was a few more things that I had to ask you guys but I forgot my journal in the house and can´t think of what else I was going to write, oh yeah I did get my package from grandma.  THANKS GRANDMA. It got to Bogota in June, here to Cucuta in July, and I just have forgot to tell you guys for a few weeks. 
I really love you guys so much, Shay, Mom, Dad. You are the greatest family ever and I think the world of every one of you! MUCHO LOVE:)

-Elder Crook

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