Monday, July 8, 2013

One small step more...I'm almost there...I'm almost Colombian!!

Alright so first of all, sorry for not sending pictures last week, we just didn´t have more time and it was taking so long to upload, so hopefully I´ll send you guys a few good ones here in a few minutes:) WELL I am going to start of answering one of mom’s questions; she asked have you had any cool teaching experiences? Well kind of but I had a great learning experience today in companionship study. Well turns out that this last week was probably one of the toughest of my mission, because me and my comp were not getting along very well. I was praying and pondering and studying all week, and we even had a few good talks, but still we just weren’t getting along. So I sat him down today, and we had a good long talk, and he told me some things that I had not realized. First he said, ´Elder Crook, for the last 2 weeks you haven’t talked to me about anything other than our investigators, sometimes it´s just really boring to talk about just investigators.´ ´We just need to have a little bit more fun, that’s it, that will fix it all.´ I was just dumbfounded (hope that’s a word lol) and then I realized that I have been trying soooo hard to be spiritual and to teach by the spirit so that the investigators can feel it, so hard to where I have not been being my happy relaxed go lucky self. I totally remember dad telling me that the night before I left, to not let myself just become a serious stiff missionary. And I had become just that, So guess what, I relaxed a little bit, we had a great p-day today and now we are getting along great again! It was just an eye opening experience that made me realize once again how fun and awesome I can make this mission!
Well I´m glad you guys had a decent 4th of July, sounds like dad just was workin. But Pa I really think I do appreciate my country a little bit more now that I´ve seen how others live. You better send me pics if you shoot a bear or an Elk (be sure to save some bear meat for me ;) I like that greasy ol meat) I was laughing my head off when you reminded me of my ´Big¨ buck, that giant thing was super heavy to drag out though, remember we just put the legs through a pole we found and packed it out on our shoulders? Those were some good times :) 
Also well I have to tell you about my 3rd of July    lunch; it has a lot to do with the title of my letter. So I had to face the nasty mondongo meat again. The worst was that it was at one of the families that make the best lunches for us. I tell you, there was a TON of this stomach meat stuff that I told you about the last time when I was in Tunja. Well this time it was mixed with a ton of garbanzo beans, it´s not like garbanzo beans are my favorite but they are 100 times better than the mondongo meat. So I just had to take a bite and a drink and a bite and a drink. I honestly ate 2/3rds of the garbanzos with mondongo, with only 1 or 2 gag reflexes, which both time no one noticed thankfully. Then I tactfully offered to clean my plate off and take it to the kitchen (having eaten everything but the biggest pieces of mondongo) and raced to the kitchen covering up the meat with half of my hand. Then I threw the mondongo away in the garbage, cleaned my plate, and chugged down another glass of juice to get the taste out of my mouth lol. Then the whole rest of the day me and my comp just felt sick to our stomachs, but it passed.
Well Gosh darnit I really want to tell you guys more about my week but I just don´t have any more time. Sorry, I kinda wrote a few friends, one member that was one of my really good friends e-mailed me and told me that he got his mission call to Chile conception. So I wrote him. But I am including a few pictures of a service that we did this week, we are helping clear this guys lot to start building his house, and we went to the center of town where I bought a jersey of CU CU TA!!!!! which is one of the coolest ones yet. I know the biggest sponsor is Aguila a colombian beer company but it’s still pretty awesome. I sure love you guys sorry for the kind of wussy letter but at least I got the pictures!!! LOVE YOU ALLLLL

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