Monday, August 5, 2013

July 29th - BBBack to Bogota Baby!!!

Hey HEy Hey, so I am getting changed. I’m going back to Bogota, haha Im just still here in Cucuta awaiting my 18 hour bus ride that leaves at 3. Im glad its at 3 though which gives me a little p-day and allows me to write you. BUT Im going to include the juicy details later in my letter;)
Well first of all Cucuta is way more awesome than just a little town that likes to drink beer, sure there might be a lot of beer drinking and music blaring at all hours of the night but here the people are just so chill, happy, and relaxed. Its awesome and I dont think I will find cooler people in any other part of Colombia, I honestly love Cucuteños lol. Alright so Saturday we had a baptism!!!! Remember the Elders quorum president that baptized his son? Well we have been teaching his dad since I got here and he finally got baptised! It was a very happy moment for the whole family and I was so happy to be part of it and watch as a son baptizes his father. Is there anything more beautiful than that? Afterwards they both got up and bore their testimonies with tears in their eyes and the spirit was just so strong. It will be one of the most precious moments of my mission:) haha so my first Sunday here in Cucuta, the son (Agustine) and his dad(also Agustine) were in gospel principles class and I recognized right off the bat that the son was a member, but I wasn’t too sure who the old geezer was seated beside him. I sat down next to them to share my scriptures and the next thing you know Agustine(son) is playing with Agustine(fathers) ear. I think to myself  'What is going on between these 2 men,' not knowing that they were father and son. They noticed me kind of looking at them with funny looks and started to laugh, they didn't tell me anything but just kept on playing with each others ears lol. I tried to stop looking and focus on the class but it was hard! Then after Agustine came up to me and said Élder this here is my father, I saw you looking at us weird and know what you were thinking" "but believe me it's not like that" We all started to laugh and I told them that I too would always play with my dads ears in church. They always give me crap now about looking at them weird that first day, but that was how our relationship started off and I have grown to love both of the Agustines:) It was just icing on the cake to see them both in the water on maybe my last Saturday ever, in Cucuta.
Also I want to tell you what an awesome activity we did last Thursday night in the church. The missionary work organization of the ward council put it together. We called it Viaje a hawwaii, ya I’m  gonna let shay translate that;) So we worked almost all day Thursday putting it together. So we first had the 'airplane room' where everyone started, we had a stewardess who explained the flight plan and the emergency exits and stuff then we took off in the plane.....and crashed!!! We did the big airplane crash and turned off  all the lights then us 4 missionaries appeared on the stage all dressed in our white baptismal clothes as angels. We then divided everyone into groups and told them that they had died and were in the spirit world. We then explained some of the plan of salvation and took everyone on a tour of the 3 degrees of glory. We had decorated the rooms according to our own interpretations and a little bit of what D & C 76 explains to  us. We had a member in the telestial and terrestrial kingdom who explained a few things then, 2 missionaries being the tour guides leading the groups from room to room and 2 missionaries explaining the celestial kingdom. The best was that we got all of the primary kids to dress up in white and as every group entered the room they would sing a primary hymn. I would have to say that this part was the best, I could tell that more than a few people were impacted as they walked in the room where the baptismal font is and heard all of the little primary kids singing a sweet hymn, I was explaining the celestial kingdom so I got to hear them about 10 times:) It was great:) we had a ton of people show up and it was a big success!!
Well my time is winding down but I want to thank you again dad for helpíng me out on my talks, I have had quite a few people come up to me and ask if I can photocopy the last talk I gave on the sacrament, I had a few but I couldn’t do it for all of them. Also I wanted to share with you a little experience that I thought was cool. So I had to teach the gospel principles class yesterday, which was nothing unusual, I have had to do it quite a few times now and actually I love doing it! When the teacher doesn’t show up I usually always volunteer to throw something together lol. But so this time I did the same thing and  the lesson was on service. I gave the lesson and it went well I thought, then afterwards it hit me "My first Sunday in the field we had this same lesson, about a year ago...and I didnt understand one bit of it" "And now one year later I just got done giving the lesson in spanish!!" how completley awesome is that!!! Well it was cool to see how far I have progressed as far as the language goes.
Ok I have to tell you guys, ask Moises what Chinchuria is. One of my favorite families invited us over for dinner cause they knew that I was probably leaving. So they said they had a surprise and that they had to wake up really early in the morning to go buy it from the market, they also said that I probably wouldn't like it. It is called chinchuria and I have no idea how it is spelled but maybe Moises knows. The Ramirez family didnt exactly know for sure they just told me it was a part of the stomach of the cow or next to it. So they gave me a couple pieces and I had them make a video of me chomping into it. It was one of the grossest things I have tasted lol, but they knew that I wouldnt like it they just wanted to see me try it lol. 
Alright so yes I am going back to Bogota, actually back to the Zone where I started called Suba!!! but they made me zone leader this time!! I will be with and Elder Perez from Chile! my first chileno comp!!! I am so flippin excited because my comp is awesome!!! I met him when he was here in Cucuta, AND I get to go back to MY OLD HOUSE, MY OLD CHAPEL, and my old area is right next to the one that I started in! I am so excited to see them all and show them that now I can actually speak spanish! I am sooo happy right now and sooooooo excited to go work my butt off with a comp that likes to work his butt off too!!! Sorry the internet is way too slow to send pictures, I have like 20 milllion now that I want you guys to see but next week. Have fun questing it!~!!

-Elder (the curious meat man) Crook

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