Monday, October 1, 2012

Brazilians are Legit!!!

Ok hello everyone!! I just got back from a great day at MONSERATTE!! Boy can I tell you that my companion is a lot different from Elder Suarez. I really liked Elder Suarez but he is VERY straight laced and very strict. Which was good for me cause now I know how to work and study hard and really know how to use all of my day and not waste a minute. But we butted heads a little bit on p-days cause I wanted to go do stuff and he....well I’m not going to talk about our problems lol. But he was a really awesome dad for me and I love him. But Elder Da Silva is sooooo soooo sooo cool. He has an amazing story.  He was baptized like 2 years ago and when he had a year in the church he left for the mission. He is one of the first Brazillians here in the mission as well. He has read the bible various times and really knows a lot of biblical knowledge. So we are always having awesome in depth biblical conversations and I love it sooo much. He also was asked to be a member of the stone masons in Brazil so he knows quite a bit about them and told me he’s been in their temple. But anyways he’s such a jokester, a member asked me how much time I had left in the mission and he responded...An Eternity Hermana, an eternity. Reminded me of something dad would say to me to poke fun. But our lessons are filled with excitement and happiness and he really is a great teacher and makes me want to be just like him. He has become like my best friend here and yes dad we have to communicate in Spanish only. Elder Suarez spoke broken English so when I didn’t understand something he could explain it for the most part. But the only English Elder Da Silva knows is from American music. Oh did I tell you he was a  punk  before the mission. He showed me pictures with long hair, skinny jeans and a nose piercing. He looked straight out of a punk rock band. So we talk music a lot too. But usually when I really don’t understand something he can understand me if I speak to him in basic English. So guess what!! my Spanish has really come along, I feel comfortable talking on the phone, talking in the stores, and of course talking to our investigators and members. My next goal is to get really good at teaching all the lessons and trying to put my touch on things, cause it’s still kinda hard to really put my personality into things but I know it will come.....i have an eternity to learn this stuff!!! Its been a long long process but my Spanish is doing great. I live with another fellow Gringo from California and when he met me he thought I had a year in the mission cause of my Spanish, so that made me feel good:) 
Alright dad I really had to laugh at all your stories:) the Zombie Apocalypse, your bike (by the way I rode my bike the last 2 days of college on just the rim!) and of course the countertops. I can remember when we were re doing the driveway and putting in those steps next to it, we worked all day filling the spaces with sand and stomping on the stones so they were jusssssssstttttttt right:) and afterwords we`d re do them again cause they weren’t perfect, personally I couldn’t tell a difference but I just kept on helping my dear old dad:) I felt a twinge of guilt or something like that for you when you said it has been frustrating for you, and I really wish I could help you with your project cause when I look back at all the good times we have had I really love remembering all of our projects:) AND DANGIT NACHO GOT ERASED FROM THE TV!!! I AM REALLLYYY SAADDD. 
Mom haha thanks for your stories about the kindergarten kids.  Sometimes I wish I could be a kindergartener again living life in ignorance not worrying about anything other than having fun. It amazes me how children, no matter what their circumstances are in life, always are laughing, playing and have a smile on their face. You can imagine that I have seen some places here where the kids don’t have all they need, and are placed in quite rough families, but for the most part they are happy. Haha Im glad you have got to go with Shay to do her Homecoming activities and look for dresses, I really am proud of her and she is growing up too fast I think. I kinda want her to go back to the days she just wore sweatshirts and b-ball shorts:) but oh well haha. WAY TO GO though sweetie on running another great race with all of the elite girls, I didn’t get a letter from you dangit!!!  I hope you didn’t go and cry after I reminded you to wear deodorant and not eat beans before your activities. LOVE YA TOOTS:) 
Ok wow this letter is turning into a novel lol but we went to Monseratte today (it was my second time, but my compas first) but we decided to hike up the mountain so we didn’t have to pay for the trolley. It was almost 3000 meters like straight up. there were straight stairs almost the whole way up. We got some awesome pics but boy was I sweatin lol, yess dad I know Im a wuss and a doughboy but it was a little harder than I expected in a full suit and backpack too. But we got to the top ( I kinda felt like Rocky) and enjoyed the view and bought a few souveniers and planned our next p-day activity, which will be going to the museum of gold and the house of the president of Colombia. Oh I also saw some of the pictures on my background of my laptop in person. Like the giant Catholic church and the statue of a man with all the graffiti on it, If you look on my computer you will know which one. I was so excited to see it and I will send you pics next week! CON MUCHO AMOR

                     -Elder Crook

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