Monday, October 22, 2012

Colombian Pride

Hey Hey Hey! its another P-day:) Well yes dad our plans for the museum of Gold and the president’s house have been delayed a bit. We had a zone activity today so we had to push back the plans another week. Hopefully we´ll make the trip next week, being our last p-day of this cambio. But Pa thanks for the ideas on our 14 yr old investigator named German.   Well we did exactly what you said.  I told my comp that if he gets baptized and we leave the area, he´s never going to go to church, so I told him that we needed to work with the mom for baptism as well. Unfortunately that didn’t work, at first she was interested in the plan of salvation and where we go after this life. But then she talked with a Catholic Priest. Her job is taking pictures.  She takes pics of just about anything including catholic baptisms. So the priest told her that if she lets the Mormons in her home he won’t let her take pictures of the baptisms. So she told us to never come back to her house again and that no one was interested in our message. In my mind we tried everything, so we can’t really go back now.  It’s kind of frustrating but it’s not the first time we´ve had a baptismal date scheduled and it falls through. Alright enough of that lol. Aside from that, everything has been great! I have one semi-funny story for you guys this week. It´s kinda like the one Gage had in his letter about his comp spilling his food everywhere. So I was at lunch on Friday (we always have lunch at the same members house on Friday) and trying to cut my meat that had fat about an inch thick on the bottom. The meat slipped under the immense amount of pressure I was putting on it (yeah I´m strong;) lol) and made everything else fly off my plate onto the glass table, vegetables and all. Haha I wasnt as lucky as Gages comp though cause I had to clean up my mess and still eat it all (It wasn’t bad) but then Elder Da Silva took my plate and was like "Oohhh my son doesn’t know how to cut his food, here let me do it for ya.  He cut my meat all nice for me and even cut most of the fat off too. It was super funny then he told me I eat like a child which is probably right lol. The good thing was that there was only one kid there and he's like 16 so obviously he didn’t care and just thought it was funny, which was lucky for me. Haha just to let you know that was the first time that that has ever happened before. 
Anyways I made a smokin hot deal with the man at the soccer shop:) I got 2 jerseys for 30 bucks, WITH my name on both of them and a number on one. I felt pretty proud of myself lol. I bought the countries team which is just Colombia with my name and number on the back, and one of the city teams here in Bogota, they´re named the Millionarios and I got my name on the back, there was no room for a number cause of the sponsers on the back, I dont have a picture with this one yet but its freakin sweet! I had to get it in an XL cause my Colombia one is an L and its super tight on me which I don’t care for. I think they run a little bit small. 
Shaylen holy cow! way to go in your last race!! I´m sure exited for your districts this Wednesday and I´m sure you are too. I´ll be prayin for ya!! Dang the season went by  fast though. Haha in 2 weeks you’ll be doin winter track huh;) Kick some butt though, I´ll be rootin for yeah here in Colombia!!
Hey pa, is BYU´s football team as good as they were last year? cause they beat OSU last year or is OSU just good this year lol. Oh and sounds like another classic win by Manning and another classic choke by the Chargers;) 
Mom glad to hear you liked the pictures of the temple, I have lots of other sweet ones but those will have to do for now. I absolutely love going it´s sooooo cool in Spanish:) There is such a spirit there where you can just relax and think. I´m also glad that your primary program’s going well, it sounds like you´ve been real busy with your calling.  I sure love you and hope that you have another great crazy week:)
ALright lastly I´ll talk about our p-day today.  I was kinda bummed that we had to stay in the area and just play games but it was actually really really fun with all of the zone there.  Me and Da Silva wore our Colombia jerseys with beanies and sweet glasses (yeah he gave me them to wear) so yeah we were lookin pretty fly lol. We just played soccer and basketball all day oh dad! haha I dont know if I´ve grown at all but I can grab the rim now:) I was pretty proud of myself haha. It was funny cause my comp is a couple inches taller than me but he good barely touch it and I could grab and hang. But the pics are all of today, the new zone, me and my comp, and me, my comp and the gringo zone leader that lives in the house with us. Oh and ignore the wet spot on my butt lol I didn’t wet myself I just sat on the wet grass. Well hopefully next week you guys will have the privilege to look at pictures from the Gold Museum, and the Presidents house. But until then..........
                                                       Lots of love:)
                                                                              -Elder Crook

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