Monday, September 24, 2012

My Broken Family

WHOOOOOO HOOOOOOO my baby sister toots is the HOMECOMING PRINCESS!!! Shay I’m not joking when I say this,  you really are a beautiful girl sweetie! and you deserve this recognition of your peers:) And WAY TO GO ON BEATING MONICA ANDERSON. Glad you could whoop up on ANYONE from marist. 
Hey PA don’t worry Im gonna tell about the Farting dog story lol and send me all the pictures from start to finish on the countertops!
MOMMA how is school? hope you are handling those kindergarteners. Last night I saw a mom dragging her child by the ear while he was screaming his head off, maybe you could give that a try?
Elder Pallo- No man no tenemos un meta para bautismos, pero nuesto meta para la mision es 10 nuevos investigadors cada semana. TENAS! Es difficil pero con fe en el senor pudimos cumplir la meta la ultimo semana!! A veces para los p days visitamos familias del barrio y jugar juegos. Me encanta sus cartas tambien y buenos suerte con sus ultimos 3 meses. TE AMO BRO!
Ok well first we had a baptism last Saturday!! It was the brother of Christian, the last one we had. Elder Suarez baptized him and it was just a great way to end the week!! Ok well if you are wondering why my letter for this week is so early, it is because we have cambios tomorrow and my father is getting transferred to be a Zone leader in Cucuta. Its kinda bittersweet cause I’m really excited for him to be a leader and go back to his first area where he started but I also kinda wanted him to stay with me and finish my training.  He’s awesome and I have learned so much and worked so hard with him. But my new comp was a zone leader in an area called Alamos. His name is Elder Dasilva and he is from Brazil. Elder Suarez is leaving tomorrow for his 20 hour long bus ride so we are writing early to give him time to pack and say goodbye to the members and our recent converts. Anyways I’m going to have 2 fathers and no mothers lol. PURE TESTOTERONE BABY! haha If you want a mom you have to ask a hermana to adopt you.  I dont think I’m gonna do that cause it sounds a little ridiculous lol. But I am excited to meet my new father and I think I’ll learn a lot from him too. Everyone thought that he would be the new AP but I guess he’s gonna be with me for at least one change. 
Ok on to the dog story lol, well remember the family of 4, I said we found last week.  Well they have a pug dog that looks like its straight out of Men in Black. When the chunky thing ran in I was like TALK!! I KNOW YOU ARE ABLE TO TALK TOBY (his name) but he just started smelling my backpack cause it has all kinds of sweets and treats in it (bet that doesn’t surprise anyone). Then the daughter asked what we do for lunch everyday and we answered that we eat with the members. Then the funny guy I am made a joke about how we eat beans everyday and that can be a little bit overwhelming. Right after that the freaking dog ripped one, it was the worst smelling fart I´ve ever been a part of.  Then my comp was like ELDER CROOK!!! POR QUE? I said no no no it wasnt me it was Toby! Everyone knew it was the dog but Elder Suarez likes to tease me lol. It was the worst timing ever! 
Ok I have one more story then I’m gonna send pics.  Of course it’s about the bus lol.  Half my mission has been spent on the bus. But anyways we were on it and it was soooo full, Elder Suarez said we were gonna get out and walk at the next stop, but I guess he meant in 2 stops. So it stopped and I got out and started walking, then looked for Elder Suarez and he was still on the bus. He told me to get back on but it was to full and I couldn’t, so he tried to get off and then the doors shut. Before they shut I was like ahh bueno, I’ll beat the bus to the next stop. By the way being alone without your comp is like a cardinal sin. So I took off sprinting feeling like batman running through the cool Bogota night. I didnt beat the bus but I never lost sight of it. Then Elder Suarez got off and I was like OHHH COMPA! and we gave each other big hugs in the street in front of tons of people, It was so awesome! I love you guys so much and I am wishing I took that typing class cause I am soooo Slow! 

                                         Elder Crook
SO this stupid computer won’t let me send pictures, so I’ll send you double the pics next week. MUCHO AMOR

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