Monday, October 8, 2012

My amazing, awesome and beautiful sister!!!

Wow Shay, I can’t believe how different you look to me after only being gone for 4 months. I was like "holy crap" when I saw your picture and Elder Da Silva looked over and told me "Por que su hermana es tan bonita y usted es feo" (why is your sister so beautiful and you're so ugly.) Yea he's a funny guy but he's right! Shay you just keep being yourself and don't change for anything k! Honestly I'm going to repeat Nicole’s words to you that she told me in her email. This just couldn’t have happened to a better person. Man honestly one of the toughest things about being out here so far away from home is that I can’t be right there with ya watching ya grow up into an awesome young adult. I love ya Shay and just get used to dad always pestering you about boys and all that good stuff:) It’s just a part of life;) Oh and puuuuhhhhlllleaaaaasssee tell mom that the sweatshirt you wore of mine with the cut off sleeves is called a party vest. She's soooooo out of the loop lol. But keep that thing nice so I can wear it when I get back K!!
Alright so we had to push the museum of Gold back to next week cause we don’t have a lot of money and don’t want to pay lol. But next money is the assignation when we get our 80 dollars. yea assignation is every 15 days so I have to budget lol. But anyways we went to a park here in our zone that is really close. It is pretty hi up so we could see all of Bogota again and it was way sweeet. We went with hermanas that showed us the way. The one hermana in the purple shirt named Hermana Suarez from Argentina was pestering me so much because she wanted to be my mom lol, I told her I didn’t want any girls in my family but she wouldn’t have any of it and kept asking and asking to be my mom. So to make her mad I told her that I wanted her daughter (yes she is training) Hermana Ramirez of Mexico to be my mom so she would be my grandma lol. SO I have a mom and grandma now even though I am one cambio older than my mom Hermana Ramirez. So I took pictures with them and sent them to you. Haha does all that make sense? I sure hope it does but they are way fun to hang out with. Haha whenever they call us or I call them I always talk in the worst Gringo accent I can muster lol. 
So I did get to watch conference in English, yes every session! It was sooooooooo great! Me and Elder Deaton just sat in a room all by ourselves and watched and took notes and talked. Hey so when is Colton going on his mission? He could leave right away I’m sure. You guys will have to keep me updated I have to say that I liked the Saturday session more. I loved both talks by Elder Uchtdorf on Saturday. Me and Elder Deaton were laughing soo hard cause Elder Uchtdorf ALWAYS talks about planes. I also loved the talk that D. Todd Christofferson gave in the priesthood session with Elder Eyrings talk coming in at a close second. But my two favorites were Uchtdorfs Saturday afternoon. where he talked about being happy. Something he said applied soo well to the mission cause there are a lot of us missionaries that are serving only just to get it over with. He said why are we always looking to when things are ending? Why not enjoy the ride and the things we have and are doing now? I gotta admit, its super hard not to think about going home, but then I think really? what do I have to look forward to after I’m back with my family...more  school and being stressed out 100 times more than I am now. So yeah I think about home, Its impossible not to. But I am really really really loving my time here. 
Dad I’m not sure I like the countertops:/ lol maybe if I were there in person my opinion would change but from the pictures I prefer the old crappy laminate ones lol. and FREAK you mole story was hilarious, I just about died here in the internet cafe. but I have a story that WON'T make you jealous: So Elder Da Silva got fleas last week, definitely from Elder Suarez who didn’t tell me that he had fleas. He wasn’t as clean as he could have been. BUT the good thing is that I didn’t get one flea bite, I don’t know how cause our beds our like 2 feet apart but I didn’t get them lol. So we called the health lady of the mission and she sent a guy to fumigate the house. Yeah he was pretty covered in flea bites so the guy went to town fumigating. When he was done everything in our room was soaked with his flea killing pesticide. So we had to hang everything up, our sheets,  blankets,  pillowcases,  everything. That night I slept on just a mattress with almost every article of clothing I have on. It was the worst night of sleep ever lol. But what was funny was that he fumigated the 2 other Elders Room too and we didn’t know about it. So when they got back home at 9 all their stuff was soaked too. We were laughing so hard at them because they were really upset. You guys might think that was kinda gross and nasty but I think it’s awesome. Our house got fumigated by a guy that had a suit that looked like darth vader. Oh and I’m pretty sure I didn’t lose any brain cells or have some toxic disease lol. I’m still normal, and all the stupid fleas are dead. 
Well I sure love you guys, love hearing from ya, love looking at the pics, and love laughing at all your great stories from home. Oh and Thanks Melanie for the letter! keep me up to date K!

                                                 -Elder Crook:)

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