Monday, October 29, 2012

Another week in Colombia!!!

Well first of all I want to congratulate Gage for getting into BYU!!!!!! That’s awesome dude! and Happy Birthday man! November 3rd (no I didnt forget lol). And way to go SHAY!!! going back to XC state:) Dad told me about how you were scared the night before and what you said about Monica Anderson, Hilarious:) I sure love you guys lots! Better tell me how state goes and how you break the top 10 K:) So no we didn’t go to the museum of Gold cause I guess it’s not open today, and I really didn’t wanna change our p-day again cause we have to much of a busy week. Soo we haven’t done much of anything today, I just watched a church movie after exercising and studying. And I´m not sure what we´ll do after writing, it´s just kind of been a lazy  p-day for us. But I wasn’t surprised when you told me it had been raining there for a while lol, it’s about that time of the year. But I was really surprised at the weather here this week, it has been sooo sunny and nice lol, like not a cloud in the sky and just awesome weather. The first picture I sent is a picture of me on top of a huge hill overlooking all of our area. Yeah if you look in the background our area is all the buildings until the big skyscraper things more or less. And there’s a lot more to the left of that that doesn’t show in the picture. As for the other one, that is me standing on a ladder yelling through a makeshift megaphone for people to come to our great garage sale for the young women. Ya I only did it for a few minutes, basically just to get the picture but I´m sure people were wondering why there was a gringo shouting in his gringo spanish about a garage sale lol. It was fun though, we helped set up the stands and the church has 2 big tent things that no one could figure out how to set up. So I put my camping skills to work and set them up with my companion. As for the stuff that was being sold, things were pretty scarce, but it was fun lol and I guess it was for the young women but there was only 1 young woman there. Then after that we headed to the baptism we had (this was on saturday) And baptized the 13 year old son of one of our best investigator families. We had hoped that they would be married so they could all get baptized on the same day, but the marriage papers are taking a verryy veryy long time to arrive here. So we went ahead and baptized their son. I hope by some miracle that those papers can get here cause they are so ready. The Father has been drinking his whole life, but when we told him if he reads the Book of Mormon that the desire to drink will cease and never come back. So we left that promise, knowing that he has trouble reading but trusting in the lord. That was about 5 weeks ago, and now he´s on page 200. It has been the biggest change I have seen yet in my mission. So we are very excited for them:) 
Yup dad we still recite D&C 4 in English and Spanish every Zone conference, and if I am ever a leader, I think I´m gonna start every meeting with that too. And thanks for all the good advice you give me, I don’t think I´ll ever stop asking for that lol:) Oh and they do have Halloween here.  We have been advised to be in the house early Wednesday cause Its pretty big here. And its not just one day, I have seen people in costumes all of this last week. Oh and Shay I think Dia de los muertos is only in Mexico y bien hecho en su clase de español, nada pero la mejor de mi hermana lol;) 
Oh mom yea we have portable dvd players in our house to watch church movies and listen to church music. SO yea I just want cds, nothing in Mp3 format. But also if there’s room with the Garcias, can you send Jesus The Christ too? I sure love you lots!
Alright guys I should go, but tell me when Colton gets his call. I´m kinda excited for that:) Love you SOOOOOOOOOO much!!!

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