Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Some Peoples Mothers Make Me Mad

Hey guys! so yeah we changed our p-day to today so we would be able to go to the temple. It was soooo awesome and great:) We went through a session and then took pictures for a while.  I understood quite a bit more this time and I think I got more out of it  too.  I remember my first session in  the Bogota temple.  I pretty much slept  the whole time cause I didn’t understand anything. There was a guy in our same session from Iowa, I was talking to him for a little bit after the session and found out that he is a lawyer for the Air Force. Haha he was about to leave but you know me I took advantage of him and asked a few questions about his career and how he liked being in the Air Force. He said in his opinion it was the best way to go to get school paid  for and has a great job that lets him travel the world. So I think the Air Force might definitely be an option for me when I go back to school.
Haha,  Dad my comp Elder D commented on my P-day clothes too. He told me they were super feo lol but I didn’t care I was just happy to be in normal clothes....which really aren’t normal clothes for me any more lol. Well nothing that exciting happened this week. I don’t really have any funny or cool stories to tell. But I`ll tell you about our day on Friday which was probably the most interesting. Well one of our favorite members of the ward was getting married to another one of our favorite members. They always have us over for lunch at least once a week and the lady is Costeno or from the coast so she cooks really good! but anyways while they were getting sealed we got called to go and help set up the reception in the church. We had a really busy day planned and during lunch the relief  society president called us and just told us to cancel all of our plans cause she really needed help. Well it sure would have been nice to have known  before but I guess the church is like that in all parts of the world.  But anyways, the relief society president’s house is a good 30 minute walk from the chapel. We had to carry ten tables from her house to the chapel, all of the food she had made (she is like the best cook in Colombia) and some of the instruments for the band to play. It took us like five hours of straight walking, then when we were done with that another member saw us and said ELDERS – you’re  gonna come help us carry the flowers! uhhhhh ok. Luckily their house wasn’t as far away as the other one. So we finally got everything in place and situated. I`m sure that the Enaou wedding reception wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for us 2 big ol missionaries lol. But it was super awesome, they brought in a live band with huge speakers they use in concerts and it was probably just a little bit too loud to be a church function but thats ok lol. Soo like everyone was dancing and we were sitting at the table eating our food, haha well not everyone was dancing cause there were 2 girls about our age sitting at one of the other tables. They weren’t members so I`m sure they didn’t know that missionaries couldn’t dance. All they saw was a super handsome American lol and Brazillian. They were staring us down and it was kinda awkward so we got up and left but they followed us lol. Elder Da Silva was like "Hold me back compa cause I can’t help myself,  I really wanna dance!" I did lol, but I busted out a few moves of my own in the kitchen where we were helping serve people. Then I guess the pressure got too much for him cause right out of the blue he was like ALRIGHT we're leaving! We did have an appointment so we left a little bit early. It has been raining here quite a bit so when we left the party it was pouring so hard, like as hard as the time when Jed and Jenny came down for spring break and it rained all weekend. Luckily I had dads coat so I was fine and dry, but Elder D. didn’t have anything and by the time we arrived he was soaked to the bone lol. But I prefer this weather over really,  really hot so I´m good.   I guess all the rain that the youth prayed for to not come came here to Colombia.
But It sounds like you are doin good Shay:) I´m glad you won another race and I.m glad you actually like those church dances, Dad I guess if she at least likes the church dances she might be ok;) haha I hated those dances they were horrible for me. The funnest one I think I went to was when me,  Gage and Andrew went and watched a movie in our church clothes. Haha I hope Gage is reading this cause I´m sure he remembers that but Gage. Si hay un meta para bautismos ahora, es 153 bautismos cada cambio, no se porque 153 pero eso es la meta. Y tenas significa como intense o algo así, hay mucho jerga aquí y realmente no se que significa en ingles solo cuando a usar lol. Disfrutar su nuevo área suena como usted le encanta.
Well if you’re  wondering why the title of this letter is ¨some peoples mothers make me mad¨ its cause we were supposed to have 2 baptisms but we only had one. The lady we baptized is super awesome and she is soooo strong in the church.  She has a little boy named Mauricio and he is the one I took the picture with. He is the sweetest little boy ever. But anyways we were supposed to baptize a 14 yr old kid too. We had the signature of his mom to baptize him and everything, but when I went to pick him up with a member his mom wouldn’t let him get baptized. I started to argue that she had already signed and that she had a great kid who’s  looking for the things of God and not for the things of the world like all of the other kids. But she wouldn’t have it.  I finally had to cool it and leave cause I didn’t want to argue with the mom and make her mad.  It wasn’t a good way to start the day but it got a lot better with church and the other baptism after the meetings. In that aspect I love the mission, cause you can have a horrible downfall and be so mad, sad, and feeling sorry for yourself,  but then right after that you have to go visit with another person and forget about the bad and just be a happy , carefree missionary. But hopefully we´ll keep working with him and his mom and he´ll get baptized. 
HEY PA HAVE FUN RIDIN MOTORCYLCES WITHOUT ME! I hope it doesn’t rain on ya, just pray for the rain to come here, I can take it for you:)
Ok mom so you asked me what I wanted for Christmas. Really I can’t think of a whole lot except for maybe a little bit of money to buy souvenirs down here. I haven’t spent all that much, you know me I always get kind of scared to spend my money, but I’m only here for 2 short years so I want to have some things from Colombia. Also I would tell you to send me some new pants cause I absolutely hate every pair I own. They are like an inch too short for one, and are not tapered at all so I look like a chubby , fat munchkin in high waters when I wear them. But I got them all fitted by a guy for like 15 bucks, they look sooooooo much better now. Oh one other thing, any kind of church music I WANT. We are able to listen to music by the church so send me CDS!!! if you can find the ones you gave me from last Christmas that would be great, I also really would like the singles ward soundtrack, I want to listen to the grandpa song lol. It’s always fun when grandpa comes when grandpa comes HOORRAAAYYY. OHHH and a cd by Stephanie Mabie she has a few songs on the lds efy page and I love every one of them, I know I´ve got kind of a weird thing for her music but that and any others that you think I would like. haha love you guys sooooo stinkin much! have a great week and I´ll talk to ya next Monday!

                                      -Elder Crook

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