Monday, April 1, 2013

Stop Wishing me Happy Birthday I don't Want to Turn 20

Well haha I didn´t tell you what happened to Elder Escobar lol. He´s still there back in Tunja.  He hasn´t gotten his visa yet and honestly I think he´ll have to wait a couple more months. BUT I have an awesome new companion in Elder Santillan from Ecuador, we´re honestly like almost the same person lol. He is AWESOME:) and is the 2nd comp that I have had that I can joke around with and really be myself. In sacrament meeting, I gave him some of my patented femur grabs and clavicle crushers, it continued from there in gospel principles with those elbow knocks that me and dad always give each other when we have our face resting on our hands. Then it even got to wet willys in priesthood. Yeah he didn´t know what one of those was lol, but we are kicking some butt here now. We have a couple people that could potentially be baptized but this week we are going to focus on finding lots and lots more people. But first off last week started off real slow. The day after I wrote you guys I got pretty sick and was throwing up pretty much all morning so we didn´t go to work that day and the next day I was still feeling like crap so we didn´t do a whole ton of things this last week. Haha funny sidenote, I am district leader now and had to cancel our first meeting cause I was throwing up.  I have hermanas in the district and they got MAD! I was a little thrown off and luckily I didn´t have any choice heated words with them cause that would have been bad lol (I held my tongue and let the hermana chew me out for not letting her know earlier lol, even when I called them right after I had started to upchuck) but then I commented that to my comp and he´s just like,¨oh....thats pretty normal lol¨ So I´m going to try my best to get along with them lol.  Also when I said it was hot, it´s not like anything I haven´t ever seen before cause I´ve lived in Utah, but the thing that was hard to get used to was the house, which is hotter than outside usually. I have my little thermometer and it´s usually around 95 degrees in the house which makes it quite hard to sleep at night. I thought it was weird that there wasn´t any blankets in the house but now I know why. I sleep in my garments on my bed with no sheets, blankets or anything and never get cold. We have a fan blowing full blast all night lol. Haha and the showers are cool too, there´s only one knob that is marked F for ( frió) lol. So it kinda feels like when you go swimming and the air around you is hot but the water is cold. Showers are about my favorite thing here lol. But other than that I have gotten used to the hotness and now I quite like it. Oh and everyone we meet gives us cold water lol, at first I was like thanks but holy crap I am going to have to pee like 50 times during the day today, but nope it all goes out as sweat lol, so YES we do drink a ton of water here ma and YES I am very conciencious about applying sunscreen to my poor white skin. OH also I broke out in zits horribly the first couple days, I think it was from sweating so much lol, but my guatemalan buddy who lives in the same house saw me popping em and told me that he has the same problem and that he drinks aloe vera juice to get rid of his zits lol. He has a few aloe vera leave things and he just takes all of the stuff inside (the stuff you use for sunburns) and then mixes it with water and drinks it lol. I did it a couple times but I have my doubts that it actually helped. My zits have pretty much all completley gone away by now so I´m happy.
Well other than that I don´t have a whole lot to say, except for that I am back to that happy go-lucky Elder that I was:) Yeah there was a family back in Tunja that I did/gave everything that I possibly could so that they could get baptized but things just didn´t work out and I was very very bummed, to the point where it was affecting everything else that I was doing there and even my letters I think. I feel like the last few weeks I haven´t been a very good writer to you guys. BUT now I feel better and still am a little bummed but better and with the attitude to work hard and kick some butt here in Cucuta with ol Santy. 
Anyways I have got to get going, but thank you all for your letters and for wishing me a happy birthday even though  I´m not at all thrilled to turn 20, I´m already an old fart! I have 5 more days left of my teenage life and it’s not like you can do anything really tennagey when you are representing Jesus lol, so heads up for when I turn 21 in a year. DON¨T WISH ME A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! haha but really thank you mom, dad, toots, grandmas and grandpas and aunts and uncles that have wished me a happy b-day, I love you all like crazy!!!! Well I got to go, but shay you can get started on making scooter gang jackets for me, you and dad then one day in the near future we can all go wreak havoc with our scooter friends in the mean streets of MINGUS PARK:)  

-Elder Crook

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