Monday, April 1, 2013

Just another p-day in the life of the studliest missionary there ever was - 3-18-13

So yes it turns out that we did sleep in the temple. It wasn`t actually in the temple.  They have like a hotel thing for the people who have to travel far to go to sessions and whatnot. It`s more like the MTC here though, one room had 3 bunkbeds and we slept 6 missionaries to a room. It was tons of fun and I got to see Elder Albrect and Elder Da Silva.  It`s weird after about 4 and a half months here in Tunja, I know hardly anyone  in the Bogota Zones.  Elder Albrect who is in Bogota now knew like everyone, lol but it was tons of fun! Elder D only has 3 months left in his mish, then he`ll be headin back to Brazil.  But it made me feel good to hear him say that I was one of his favorite companions. Then Albrecht and I, I swear will be like best friends for life, he`s freaking awesome and we both have like the same personalities. But anyways we got to hear from Elder Marcus B. Nash. I remembered him from the last conference cause I loved his talk and especially his quote,” your future is as bright as your faith.” He was really cool and yes I took notes in Spanish. It was funny cause the General authorities always invite us to come and shake their hands before the meeting starts. So in the MTC we had a guy named Elder Wadell speak to us and we all gave him hugs. The next one was Elder Christofferson.  When I went in to give him a hug, he denied me hardcore and I felt kinda stupid. So this time I was thinking, “Alright a good firm handshake will do”,  but no, he went in to give me a hug and I half denied him, half hugged him and it just ended up being a weird half hug with one of my arms caught in between us lol. Oh also I was the first one up to give him a handshake so just about half the mission saw it lol. But it was all good. Although I was all geared up to have a push-up contest with both ol man Andelin and Bro. Nash but it never happened. I can do around 90 straight now. Anyways after that we`ve just had a normal week just working hard and having a little bit of fun. There was a marriage of some of the investigators of the other Elders here and the daughter asked me if I could play the “marche nupcial” or the marriage song for her parents when they walked down the aisle. So I had it all ready to go, I was gonna start out with the one that’s just all chords and it gets louder and louder than halfway through switch to, “Here comes the bride, big fat and wide´ but turns out that it’s against church policy to play that song in the Chapel, so  I was off the hook and they just played some soft music while walking I guess (I wasn`t in the ceremony because we left to go have a lesson and missed it all) but that was fun.
Oh also I gotta tell you guys something, I think I`m becoming more like dad lol. I thought that being here would make me be a little more calm and under control and not fly of the handle as much, but no. I won`t bore you with all the details, but our district leader told me that it was against the rules to have a baptismal interview outside of the church.  That’s not true. I was a bit ticked cause our investigator lives in a pueblo that is 45 minutes away and we had everything ready to go out there to interview him. So when he told me this I got kinda mad and asked how he knew that.  He said the zone leaders told him.  I basically told him that the zone leaders don`t know squat and to get his mission handbook out with me and read the page about baptismal interviews. He started to argue and I started to yell a little bit and then decided to cool it and talk to president. So I talked to president about it, and he told me it was fine of course then asked me to call the dude. I`m pretty sure it was to give him a butt chewin. I know that was kind of a small thing so I told myself I need to be a calmer, nicer, more polite person, and I´m working on it lol. Just wanted to share that with you guys cause I remember coming home from school one day and the first thing I heard was dad screaming on the phone at the direct tv guy lol.  Can`t lie pa, I`m still scared of ya when you’re a yellin, man.   You don`t even have to pinky pin me. I`ll lay down and pin myself lol, then I`ll go and have to change my  pantaloons cause they`d be all wet with fear urine. 
Anyways that was my week, hope you guys are all doin well with work, school, filling callings, HOME TEACHING WITH OL FARTS;) and trackin it up. Shay go kick some butt for me out there, who knows if I can even make it around the track without collapsing. But keep working hard and tell me how it went, I`ll be prayin for ya!  

-Elder Crook

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