Monday, April 1, 2013

The Hottest Room on Earth - Mar. 26

Wellll first of all congrats to big ol Lane Wayment! thats got to be pretty exiting for all of their fam to be getting ready for his wedding, Also to Todd who I´m sure will be leaving right after he turns 18:) I love the Wayment family and thanks for sendin me those e-mails it´s really cool ro see whats going on up in your neck of the woods.
Speaking of woods lol I got transfered up north tooooooooooo..............................CUCUTA! We finished out the week there in Tunja and at around 11:30 at night they called me and said to pack my bags cause I was headed to Cucuta. Well it took me about until 2.30 in the morning to pack my bags and get some sleep. Then we had to get up at 6 so I coud leave to Bogota at 7. Moises and Melinda might be asking why I didnt just go straight to Bucarramunga and then to Cucuta from there and that is a VERY GOOD QUESTION. It would have taken about 6 hours off the journey. But so anyways I woke up and went to Bogota whuch is a 3 hour ride , then from there, me and a few other missionaries went to Bucurramunga which the road passes through Tunja. From Bogota to buccuramunga is about 11 hours and we left there at 12 in the afternoon, then we got to Bucca at about 11 and left to Cucuta at 12. Then we got into Cucuta at 6 in the morning. Man that was the worst freaking trip I´ve ever been on. Those busses are the most uncomfortable things ever! So I got here at 6 in the morning and immediatley started to sweat. AT 6 IN THE MORNING. Then we got to the house and it was even hotter inside, I honestly just about died, O didnt thing ut would affect me that much but it has been. So I went in and went right to sleep on my bed cause I was really tired. Then I woke up at 9:30 and the heat hit me like a wall. It´s making me all light headed and woosy and I just have to get used to it lol. 9 months in tierra fria will do that to ya, so it was a big change. Honestly I don´t think I´ve stopped sweating since I´ve gotten here. Right now I´m sitting in the internet and it has like 20 million fans going bu they are just blowing hot air lol. But anyways my new comp is named Elder Santillan and he´s from Ecuador, he has the exact same time as me in the mission cause we started on the same day and is pretty cool. I still havent got to know him very well yet exept for the basics. But Cucuta looks like a really really awesome place and I really exited I just have to get used to the heat. I know I sound like a big whiner but it´s really kickin my butt lol. I´ve been drinkin lots of water though which is good.
Shay,way to go on your race and I hope you can make your season to where you can peak at state so you can smoke everyone there. But way to go and I will continue to pray for you and your season, keep me up to date k!
Well i´m sure you guys are at good ol mount bachelor right now enjoying the snow, gotta send me pics! Here we don´t have spring breaks we have semana santa or holy week. When we were going to church last sunday we saw some guys coming out of the catholic church in ku klux klan uniforms carrying flags and banners and stuff. I can´t lie it scared me a bit, but I think it´s just a thing that the catholic church does down here to Celebrate. anyways I will be sending you guys some pictures for sure next week of my first p-day here in Cucuta. But right now all I fell like doing is going and jumping in an ice bath lol, then going to sleep some more. But I LOVE YOU ALL SOO DARN MUCH!!!!!! hope you guys have a great spring break and that everyone is safe:) LOVE YOU ALL

-Elder crook

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