Monday, March 11, 2013

Duke!!! - Letter 3-11-13

So honestly I'm kinda sorry for not having a whole bunch to write these last few weeks. Really after having a few months in the field everything just seems so normal and there’s not a whole lot new. Even though like everyday we do something different or in a different way but I honestly haven't had a whole lot of cool or even funny experiences lol. Anyways that attitude sign is still permanently inscribed in my mind and it is actually helping me quite a bit even though I can still remember looking above the door of my room thinking about how much I hated that thing. And I thought that it was grandma Joyce who put it up there when I went over to mow the Lange’s old lawn which is now Cory’s lawn. But maybe I remember wrong. Anyways pa, I think you've got to look up Lago de Tota, Aquitania Colombia. Then maybe you can find it lol. Haha and our zone leader just went home the other day and the whole district went to say goodbye to him.  I didn't though cause I was still ticked at him for not letting us go, and I told the others to tell him just that lol. Also on that topic, I was at lunch the other day with one of the coolest families that just got back from a place called Santa Marta on the Atlantic coast of Colombia. They showed us pictures and it looked awesome! They have like a timeshare thing there in a 5 star hotel that has all you can eat restaurants and stuff like that. I think he likes me a little bit cause he told me to come back after the mission and visit,  then go up to his timeshare for free for a few days. I was like, for sure!!! Then I asked him if I were to pull a Sherwood and come back and marry a girl from Buccaramunga ,if he would let me go take my honeymoon there.  He told me no lol. (yes this 'ol Elder Sherwood is sure stirrin up a ruckus here in Tunja) I guess he was here like for 6 months a year ago. Oh and another thing that I saw this week, (probably the most exciting thing this week) my heart almost burst with jealousy..... A  KTM SUPER DUKE. I was walking with the other gringo cause we had just got out of another english class in the university, and I just about wet my pants. It was the first time I have seen one in person and of course there was 3 people on it so I couldnt see everything I would have liked, but I just kinda started to grunt and scream like a half monkey, like OHHHHHHH, DUDE DO YOU SEE THAT, OHHHHH , thats the most beautiful thing I've seen in my life, COME BACK SUPER DUKE COME BACK!!!!! Then after I was talkin with one of the return missionaries (We always talk bikes) and he said that the duke that’s here is specially made for latino america in smaller sizes like 200 or 250. He also told me that they sell for around 6 or 7 thousand dollars (I might be a little off with the conversion from pesos to dollars) but, even though that would be a little cheaper than the 16 or 17 whoppers that the bigger bikes cost.  But dang that’s quite a lot for only a 200.
Alright well apart from that marvelous experience, I didn’t do that many other cool things. We went to 2 more english classes and got about 40 references, so maybe 1 or 2 will be interested, I  still can't believe how many people are Catholic, every single student in the uniboyaca has a catholic background I swear, but anyways I'm still keeping my attitude up hoping for a few baptisms in these last 2 weeks, it's really coming down to the wire to see if we'll have any. I just really hate one thing about the mission.  I keep feeling like I haven't done jack squat here in my area with my kid, only having one baptism, even when I know that the only one I have to own up to is God and myself and I feel like I've been working my hiney off but I just haven't seen the results that I was expecting. But I know that there's always something I have to learn, something that our Father in Heaven wants me to improve upon and I have found a few things but it still is just kind of a yucky feeling when the baptisms don't come. I know that’s not how I'm supposed to look at things but that’s just one obstacle I just can't seem to get over. But anyways I'm sure that’s enough whining from me lol, I sure love you guys soooooo much!!!! oh and we are going to Bogota tonight and sleeping in the temple because a 70 is coming to speak to us tomorow. I'm excited cause I will be able to understand him and take good notes, and cause I will get to see my ol bud Elder Albrect again for a while, and maybe Elder Da Silva too. Anyways I'll let you know how it goes next week!!!

-Elder Crook

P.S Tanner, the members here always ask me if there ever was a place that I didnt want to go on a mission, I always respond AFRICA! that just scares me to death. But it would be cool if you or you parents could tell me what language you will be speaking. Is it the language of the clicking african bushmen? cause I can already speak that lol. And what MTC will you go to? Thanks man and congratulations!!!

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