Monday, March 11, 2013

Going Back to my Mouse Huntin' Days - Letter 2-18-13

Alrighty first off I am super happy that you guys are havin fun up there in Mexico!!! Shay hows the ordering in Spanish going? are you negotiating in Spanish with the vendors out there? I have to admit i´m getting pretty darn good at it here! even though stuff is quite a bit cheaper here. But how awesome!! What is the name of your guys´ resort? is it cooler than el Cid? I remember we got those little wrist bands for our time there and when I got home i didnt take mine off until it broke when I was pole vaulting. Oh DAD DON´T FORGET TO BUY YOUR JAGUAR HEAD! maybe thats what you bought for mom that she wouldnt tell me but I still don´t know!!! Oh and shay I recognized ol iceman even from the little picture that appears on the screen on the right! Thats freakin sweet!!! Also I want you guys to send me a bunch of pics next monday!!!! I´ll have to be the judge if dad still looks like big ol Tom Cruise walkin up and down the beaches there! haha I love you guys soooooo much and am really glad you are enjoying yourselves. Haha I´m glad your friends at work got a kick out of my food stories last week pa:) I was verry hesitant when I wrote Tibula cause it just didnt look right to me. And yes thanks for reminding me that alveoli are the sacks in the lungs and villi are in the intestines. It´s been a while since my biology and nutrition classes back at college where I learned a little bit of that stuff lol. But all you got to do is just go buy a coke afterwords and everythings all good down there in the belly:) 
Well this week was just pretty much more of the same, they seem to be passing by quite fast though, this is the longest time I have ever been with anyone of my companions and we are doin just great still. Also I thought by now I would have been bored and tired with the area but I´m not yet. I think it´s the anticipation  that we might have some baptisms which I am really looking forward to and hoping that they can get baptised. Haha theres a lot of people that come and go here in Tunja. 2 of our baptism dates moved out of town, but by now it doesnt affect me that much we just pass along the references. But I´m really really hoping that we will have a few coming up in the coming weeks. Anyways you might be wondering why my title is what it is:) Well due to some past events I have been thinking a lot on my mouse huntin days back in the Smithfield house. When i´d shoot them in the window wells and make mom scoop them out for me, then when I got more brave, scooping them out myself and leaving them in the road for the cars to run over! haha well I´ll tell you what happened last night then. So we went to a less active members house who lives on a farm. Their circumstances are very humble but they are awesome people. So we were talking, and i see a medium sized mouse scurring around the kitchen. The family saw it to and their little baby dropped some food on the floor to feed it lol. Elder Escobar had the idea to catch it, So everyone approved that we would do some mouse hunting:) my comp grabbed the waste basket and emptied it, then everyone got real quiet to let it scurry around and eat the little bits of food. Luckily he didnt come close to me cause I have the biggest grandest hate for those things. So it came out in the open and BAM!!! got the crap trapped out of it my my companion. Now he was trapped by an overturned waste basket! he went crazy tryin to find a way out but we had him trapped good! then my comp and the member lady slid a peice of cardboard underneath the trash basket and lifted him up on the table. where I took a few pictures and videos lol. Then we got a sack and slid him into the sack. (This was my idea) I told everyone why dont we just put him in a sack and beat him to death. They approved but no one wanted to do it, so being the mouse hater I am offered exitedly to beat the crap out of him. So we got him in the bag and I tied a knot at the top, went outside, my companion started filming, and I started bashing AWAY! The poor thing was prolly dead upon fist contact with the cement but I just kept wacking him against the ground swinging the bag around and hooting like a gorrilla. I stopped to check if he was dead and he was, but my companion encouraged me to keep on whackin away, so I started again and slung him against the ground at my hearts content. It´s actually a very funny video, and my companion sounds like he has asthma every time he watches it because he laughs so hard. It was a pretty awesome night for the rat killers!
Well today we had another FREAKING AWESOME P-DAY. We went to a little city called Barbosa which is a little under 2 hours away but still in our district. yeah they dont come to our weekly district meetings lol. Anyways it is tierra caliente, which is the hot land. Man was the weather nice, just so warm and awesome! I forgot how much I missed the hot weather! Anyways we got together with some of their investigators and played a little indoor soccer which was fun. Then went to the river that runs through the town. Man is it awesome, it´s just like pure jungle and what made it cooler was that it was a clowdy misty day so it felt like we were really in some deep joungle outside of civilization. We took some awesome pictures and just looked at the water longingly wanting to swim sooooo bad. But dunking our heads and getting our feet wet was enough for us. haha i remembered that you guys were probably swiming and enjoying the water, and how much I will enjoy swimming again after these 2 years. I really enjoyed it there and our time we spent with the other Elders from honduras and Bogota. Anyways, get on sending me pictures from your trip! Oh and thanks for thinkin of me and sending a letter Nicole:) hope you guys are doin just great and that Alex is doing well. I´m sure when I get back he´ll be taller than me lol. LOVE YOU ALL SOOOOOO MUCH and have safe flights traveling back home. 

               Elder Crook A.K.A- Rat slayer!

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