Monday, March 11, 2013

My Dad's so Buff!! - Letter 2-25-13

Holy cow so honestly your second trip to Mexico sounds like you guys did way more sick stuff. I can´t believe all the adventures that you have been having and that mom is doing all of them too! Thats just freaking awesome! Alright so we have to go back when I´m home, maybe the Andreasons and Skyler can come with us too just like old times! But PA, I can sure tell that you´ve been hittin the weights every morning and the tanning beds every night;) You look great! I´m gonna have to print some of those pictures and show them to the people here and tell them "yup thats my dad, ya I know he's a stud" Everyone asks me how old you are and I always respond 27 like you used to lol. But honestly I think I've got my work cut out for me cause I definitley don't want to be pinky pinned when I get home lol. But I think we can go to Mexico next time together all tan and muscular. Haha I'm so happy that you guys had such a blast with the Andreasens and tell them I love em!  
I just had another normal week here in Tunja, My comp hasnt heard a word about his visa and it's been like 6 months since he sent all that stuff. Anyways the weeks here have just kind of been blending together and it feels like I was just here writing you guys and I don't have hardly anything to say. Except for all of the fat jokes my companion has been getting lol. One day at lunch after we had eaten, the hermana offered us cookies, but when she got to my companion she prohibited him from eating cookies cause she said he was too “ gordo”, but then she changed her mind and said I know that Elder Escobar likes cookies more than all of you guys so I'll give him a few:) Then in our English class we have a middle aged guy that likes to joke around with us A LOT. He went up to my companion and poked him in the belly and said "And what  have you been doing in the mornings? I can tell you don’t do your exercises" my companion defended himself and said that he does his exercises every morning, then the guy said "The only exercises you do in the mornings is with a fork and knife!" I just about died lol, but my comps been good about it and I think he's good at taking all the teasing that he's been getting. So last night we decided that we would wake up in the morning and go running.  We ran up a mountain road to a pueblo that sits over the mountain of Tunja. It took about 45 minutes to go up and 30 to go down. I wouldn't say I'm in the best shape ever and especially with the thin air here, so I pushed myself hard until I felt like I was gonna stain my garment bottoms lol. Then I waited for my comp who was huffin and puffin his way up the road. After he caught up to me I took off and didn´t want to wait again so we ran all the way until the road stopped and turned to dirt, then I waited for my companion, cooled down a little bit, and did a few sprints in the cool morning air. It felt good, and was fun. I think we´ll start doing that more often and I´ll have to start getting on the push-ups, I can only do about 80 straight and I´ve been hearing that the president can do more than 100, We´ll just have to see about that lol. Anyways we should have 3 baptisms this Saturday a mom dad and their son. Also we found a 19 year old kid about 3 weeks ago that was just golden.  He went to church 2 times in a row and was almost to 2nd Nephi in reading. But unfortunately he left yesterday to Bogota to live there, and had his date for the Saturday after this one. I wasn´t too surprised, we’re getting used to passing on the references of our investigators that we were preparing for baptism. So I´m really hoping that this family can get baptized and can be strong converts, cause the couple has marriage problems, and we really don´t want them to get divorced. Anyways, we´ve just been workin really hard and not a whole lot else. But we are going to a monument thing today that is supposedly really cool so I´ll have to send you pictures next week. I sure love you guys and hope your having a great start of the week back from Mexico. I really enjoy reading your letters and knowing that you guys are happy and are having a blast! Well, until next week...LOVE YOU:)

-Elder Crook

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