Monday, March 11, 2013

Same Ol' Stuff... - Letter 3-4-13

Well well well, haha my week was probably just about the same as your guys´. Just lots of the same stuff, work ,work, work. Well I´ll start where I left off, after I e-mailed you guys we went to this monument thing called Pantano de Vargas. It was pretty cool but I´m not really sure about the story behind it, there was like 14 warrior guys with lances that fought in some battle or something, but the monument is cool. I´ll send a few pictures. Then on Tuesday, it was really cool cause we got to go to one of the universities here and teach an English class for 2 HOURS! It seemed like it would last long but it really wasn´t. Me and the other gringo Elder Larsen went while our companions went and taught a lesson or 2 together. It was actually really fun! A young single adult member is the one that talked to her professor and the professor invited us. We talked in English the whole time which made my mouth sore and gave me a huge headache lol. But I really pounded on gospel topics lol. My thoughts were hey, I know I was invited here to talk a little bit about the English language and the culture of the U.S but I´m a missionary first and that’s what I’ll do. So I basically taught the 1st lesson in English which was actually a little harder than it is in Spanish now lol, but we got some good, cool new contacts and investigators out of it, it was really fun:) Also the professor had super good English, he knew every vocabulary word ever lol, I was really impressed at how he could so fluently switch from Spanish to English but, he´s 26 and started studying English when he was 15 and is super awesome. Anyways, that was a cool experience. 
After that it was just kind of a normal week.  We did have baptisms scheduled for Saturday but we had to push them back for this Saturday, so hopefully we can have a few this week. Also we have changes in 3 weeks which seems weird cause on one hand it feels just like yesterday when I started to train, but on the other hand it feels like I´ve been companions with Elder Escobar forever lol. Its been good though, we´ve had really good times together and really hard times together. Like this week, we have a family that was supposed to be baptized but we weren’t able to baptize them this Saturday.  They are the same ones I was talking about earlier in the letter.  Then on Sunday, the wife came up to me and told me that her husband doesn’t ever want to come back to church and we still don´t know exactly why, so that kind of hurts because we started to teach them back when Elder Ortiz and I were companions and have put all of our energy and effort into teaching them and helping them. But we´ll just have to see about this week and what it will bring. But I know that I can´t get down in the dumps cause then what are the people going to see? A missionary down in the dumps?  And that must mean that his message is one of sadness and problems. One thing I have figured out when visiting people is that they have a ton of problems, then if we get to the house and focus on their problems then we leave and they are even more weighed down than before. I just always try to get the people to realize their blessings and the good things that they have and the good things that come from being a Mormon. You can really just boil our whole message down into thinking positively, haha thats what I LOVE! This just helps us all to think positively and that we can better out lives and it doesn’t matter the circumstances. Anyways maybe that’s a spiritual experience for ya mom or maybe I´ll have to come up with something better next time;) I have come to learn that the most valuable experiences I have had are the tough hard ones lol.  They teach me the most. 
Anyways today we were supposed to go to a place called Playa Blanca which is a beach with white sand that is a lake. I´ve seen a few pictures and it is absolutely amazing, but our zone leaders didn’t let us go which made me really mad lol. But I encourage you guys to look it up on the internet because its like breathtaking. 
Apart from that, I´ll finish with a kind of funny, kind of idiotic story lol. Well we had interviews with the President this last Thursday, as we were waiting in the chapel to have our interviews in walks ol ex- Elder Sherwood. You guys have no idea who he is but I met him one time in the temple. He went home right before Christmas, and I was kind of surprised to see him but I guess he´s back to get married. What I couldn’t believe was that he´s only been back home for 2 months, and he´s already freaking engaged to a girl from Bucarrumunga lol. I thought it was halfway funny and halfway idiotic. But oh well lol just thought I´d tell you guys, and let you know that if I ever come back to Colombia after the mission, it will be to go to Playa Blanca that the zone leaders wouldn’t let us go to. haha anyways I gotta go but can you guys check my bank account to see how much I have spent so far, cause I am going to buy leather scripture cases, my bible will have the temple on it and my book of mormon will have a picture of Teancum WOOOOOHHHHOOOOOO TEANCUM BABY!!!! haha alrighty love you guys talk to ya next week.

-Elder crook

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