Monday, January 7, 2013

Starting the New Year Right... Well, Sort of....

You guys are freaking skiing studs! Man after all those runs Shay, who knows maybe I`ll get back and you`ll be the one whizzing past me, throwing the snowballs and making ME crash. Then spraying snow on me and laughing your head off. We`ll just have to see about that;) I still think I dare to go faster than you though! Honestly that looks like sooooo much fun! I`m really glad you guys had a blast and didn`t get hurt and were in good enough shape to do all those runs! We`ll have to go with Andreasens again and me and Skyler will give you a run for your money lol. Anyways I FINALLY got a letter from that dirty dawg Gage. It was about 1 and a half sentences, but what more can you expect from that kid lol. But yeah he said the same thing to me dad, that it was super sick. And he said that there`s tons of chicas lol. It`s funny cause I also told him that about a year ago when I wrote a letter to him from BYU. But anyways I`m sure glad you guys have had a fun break and I really enjoyed the pictures! What in like a month from now you guys will be in Mexico? Gotta send me pics from there too.
Weelll this week was pretty fun, we went to this place called Puente de Boyaca last p-day. A puente is a bridge. It was all lighted and stuff and was super cool! It reminded me of Shore Acres but Shore Acres is a lot cooler I think. It just has more lights. But the real story starts when we tried to leave. We got there in bus (it`s not that far like 20 min in bus) and then we just thought we could catch a bus back. Wrong! there were no busses going back to Tunja so we pretty much had a problem. After about an hour a bus came, and all of us ran to try to stop it waving our arms around like monkeys but it didnt stop! Then out of nowhere a white van stopped and a good citizen asked if we needed a ride. Well YEAH! so we got a ride back in a small white van that is used to do smaller travels, but to our good fortune he didn’t make us pay either! So that was another sweet adventure! haha I`ll have to get the pics from Elder Larsens camera and send them to you guys! Well after that it was just another normal work week. Except for the 1st we did have 2 lunches:) haha the first was some really goood soup stuff with rice and she served each of us like 3 bowls, then we went to another members who cooked a WHOLE turkey for us and made mashed potatoes. It was sooo good! I was surprised at how after I got in the groove how much I could eat! haha better watch out Dad, you`d better get on those exercises if you still wanna pull off the pinky pin! I`m packin on the pounds baby!! WOOHHHOOO! Anyways so the weekend comes and my companion is starting to get a little sick he says. I just thought he was being kind of a wuss, so we worked like there was nothing wrong. Then Sunday rolls around and I tell him we have to get ready early to go to our meetings that were supposed to start up this year. But he spent the whole morning in the bathroom. So at around 7:30 I got a little ticked and maybe yelled a little....just maybe (wonder where I learned that from PA;) anyways that got his butt going, but I guess he just couldn`t make it to church so we stopped at the other elders house and he went straight to the bathroom again. At this point I knew that he was sick but I told him that we had to at least go to sacrament meeting (I also might have told him that he wasn`t in priests quorum anymore and to suck it up...but who knows.) But we didn’t end up going to church (I didnt know missionaries could skip church lol) and I spent the longest day of my life in the other missionaries house eating there food, watching the same movies, and I actually cleaned their house, yup I was that bored!
Well I don`t have that much time left but I want to tell mom how much I love her:) and if you haven`t already heard the song,  look up “Give it all to Him” from the efy 2012 edition. I love it! cause it talks about a missionary and his mom:)

-Elder Crook

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