Monday, December 24, 2012

It's a Tip Top Tupper Kind of Christmas

Haha you guys like the title? I remember Shay would love that song during Christmas and plug her microphone into the kareoke machine and sing that song at the top of her lungs:) So it was great to call you guys even if it was for like 3 minutes:) Sounds like Christmas is in full swing up there in Oregon. Hey you should send me a picture of Gages new SUV sounds like it´s pretty cool. How is he? is he enjoying the time home or is he a little shell shocked still? I know that he left everything in the field and it´s probably a big change to be back home. Man send me a letter!!! remember  I send you 2 or 3 when I was at BYU so that would be sweet of you could return the favor bro and tell me how your Christmas was and tell me how your doin up there at BYU. I´m sure it´s gotta be freezin there lol. I love you bro and hope the best for ya in BYU! have a blast:)
So I´ll continue from where I left of last week when I was in the internet in Bogota with my best bud Elder albrect. After that, we went to a tie shop and I bought 2 sick ties for like 9 bucks! one that shines in the sunlight like a fish!! haha then we went to sleep at the secretaries house for the night and got up early to go a session in the temple. It was really awesome cause I understood pretty much everything:) it was so great! I was with my brother in the mission elder veil who is also from Oregon:) We´re the only 2 here from Oregon! After that we went to eat lunch in the bottom of the temple then went to the chapel and got capacitated by the assistents on how to be better Trainers and al that. Then came the BIG moment, meeting our kids! Elder Veil was so nervous it was hilarious lol. I had picked a Dominican Rebublic kid out of the midst of newbies and told him that was mine lol. I´ve always wanted to have a real black guy as a companion. i hope thats not racist lol I have always just wanted to have one of those guys from the Dominican lol. So my name got called and i got matched up with Elder escobar (which wasnt the dominican lol) but he´s from Bogota and going to Mission Mexico Mexico city North. SOOOO I´ll only have him for 1 change I think, he´s just waiting for his visa and sent it in quite a while ago. So I was talking  to our zone leader and he said that I´d probably be training again here after this change. There has been a few more missionaries coming in now that the age has dropped. So we´ll have to see what happens. After that we came back to Tunja to work for a day then we went back to Bogota to have our other capacitacion/Christmas lunch with president and all of the missionaries that are serving in Bogota. Ya I saw my still most favorite comp Elder Da Silva and also all of the people in my old zone in Suba. It was awesome and I met new missionaries that are just sweet as well. It was about the funnest time that I had had in quite a while. I just love to be in Bogota and loved to be with all my mish buddies, me and Albrecht are definitley hooking up after the mish, we have become such good friends!
Alright so then we came back and got right to work!! it´s so awesome to have a companion who is exited and likes to work!! honestly the days fly by when your workin hard and givin all you´ve got to the lord! Then we you do this, he rewards you with the opportunity to see peoples lives change right before your eyes as they become converted to Christ!:) I´m very sure that in this change and the next we´ll have a few baptisms! Then on friday night we had our ward Christmas party, there were like 6 of our investigators there! Also i was eating my food and there were no tables, so i was eating and talking to some members when my cake starts to slip off my lap. I reach to save it and my big plate of food fell off my lap! it got all over my pants and there were even some mashed potatoes in my shoe. Everyone was laughing and me and giving my crap for it but I wasn´t phased lol, I´ve been teased all my life by my dear ol dad so I just joked along with them and got another plate lol.
So Shay how did you end school? All A´s? alright I gotta go Love you and merry Christmas!!!!

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