Monday, January 21, 2013

I Love Greenies! 1-14-13

Well alrighty, I’ve had just about the same kind of  week as you guys lol, just kind of boring and not doing anything else but working. We did have a meeting with the president with all the Elders that are training in the zone which was fun and another zone meeting apart from that. So just kind of a lot of traveling and sleeping on the busses. So honestly, I’m  sorry if this letter is short. I just don’t have lots of things to say lol. haha Oh dad,  let me tell you something! It’s a little secret! I scheduled two lunches yesterday! haha I’m a boss at doing that lol! haha and the second lunch we had was supposed to be for us 4, but they had to leave to  help someone in the ward so we ate their helping too;) haha I think my poor comp has put on a few pounds lol. He was a softy to begin with but now he has a little more cushion. Oh that reminds me, Josh has been in the mission offices as a secretary ever since I’ve been here in Tunja, So I’m sure you can imagine him now lol! He’s just a big ol rolly polly! He told me though that they had started running, so he thinks he’s losing a few pounds! For me well yeah I eat a lot.  Yesterday I left the hermanas house feeling like I was about to explode lol. BUT I get up and do a pretty extensive work out regimen;) well for what I can do, which is just a lot of push ups and crunches. There’s a guy in the ward that welds so he’s fixing my pull up bar and he’s gonna make me a dumbell too if I can find something that weighs a lot. Ya, we finally decided that the gym pass was just too expensive even though president authorized it. 
Anyways I think I’ll tell you guys about some of the the goofy things that have been going on (things are always super fun when you’re either being trained or the trainer. First thing is; he is the absolute nicest kid I have ever met. He’s just a big teddy bear and has so much love for everybody it just weirds me out sometimes. Like sometimes I just tell him hey man! stop buying me food! It makes me feel weird lol. But I’m getting used to it and we are really kicking butt here! Also you know me I’m a teaser, and he’s a tender hearted guy that has tender kind of feelings lol. So we always give each other a quick missionary hug or Bro hug before we leave the house. It’s usually a quick hand slap and a tap of the back, but the first few times he just hugged me for a while and afterwards I told him bro Im your comp not your girlfriend, joking obviously, not that I wasn’t weirded out – I was just being goofy.  I don’t think he liked that too much. Also I always have rib poked/leg squeezed/clavicle crushed all of my comps, just to screw around, he doesn’t like that either lol. So I’ve just found my groove with getting along with him and NO lol I haven’t raised my voice anymore lol. Also the last thing is that he is petrified of dogs lol. Everytime he sees one he tells me we need to go another way, and we do lol. But this week I guess the dogs can just smell or see his fear lol cause they have come  in packs barking at us. The first time he was a few steps behind me and when they came he just stopped and couldn’t move cause he was so scared and started yelling NO ME DEJAS NO ME DEJAS! or don’t leave me please! Just don’t leave me behind. So I went back and got him lol. The other few times we have been walking side by side and they have jumped out and barked at us, he just clung to me the whole time lol, I’m just like you gotta just keep walking compa, they’re not gonna do anything (while trying my very best not to bust out laughing, but I don’t think he noticed he was too focused on the dogs) haha I haven’t had this many dog encounters in my whole mission except for with him lol. 
Anyways those are my stories for the week, dad I have been using the boots once in a while, and mom, to the richer people education is important but to the poorer people here it’s not that big of an emphasis, just like everywhere else I’m sure. OH and we should be having a baptism this Saturday! Im really hoping everything goes well because we have been working our tails off and it would be awesome to see someone get baptized! Well we didn’t do that much today,  just played basketball, we had some member kids come to play with us and it was fun. We kill the latinos in basketball just as bad as they kill us in soccer lol.  It was a nice change cause I’ve been getting wooped up on in soccer for the last like 5 months lol. But I am hoping to burn a disk of all of my photos to send with Melinda and Moises so I hope that will make up for my short letter today. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!

               -Elder Crook

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