Monday, January 28, 2013


Well if you’re all wondering, I am still here in Tunja. Our district leader called last night and said that I was going to Cucuta and my compa got his visa......but it was a joke! I looked at my comp when he heard and he had a face of pure fear lol, he told me my face was the same because we both were really hoping and praying not to get changed. And we weren`t! Honestly this week has been AWESOME!!! And I`m not really sure why...maybe it`s been the sun (yeah its been about 70 degrees all week, and yes I have been using sunscreen) but honestly me and my companion are getting along soo awesomely well. We`re makin Jokes in the street and at home and it`s just been really super fun to be a missionary this week:) Before I get started I`m gonna tell you what happened at lunch on Saturday. Well we went to one of our favorite families , us 4. I walked in and they were making HOMEMADE HAMBURGERS!!! I said to the other gringo praise the good Lord for hamburgers and fries!!! So after the prayer I just went to town on my delicious burger. Then after about 30 seconds of chowing down my companion spilt his yellow juice all over his shirt and down to his pants!!! I was laughin so hard I just about choked on my half masticated gooey goodness lol (DAD: I did attempt the "do you have a drinking problem" joke in spanish but it doesn’t translate well) He was laughing too so I continued to give him crap lol...he went the whole day with a yellow stain on his shirt. But after it dried it was hardly noticeable.
Anyways, last week we went to Villa de Leyva and it is a really cool little tourist  town, my favorite was that it had real round rocks for the street. We went into some museums but the best part was the little stores. Have I ever told you guys that I am such a sucker for stuff that says 100% Colombiano?...well I am. So I bought a t shirt that says it and also a ruana, or commonly known as a poncho:) the poncho is made out of cotton or something and everyone here in Tunja wears them! so I just had to get one and yup you guessed it, it says 100% Colombiano too:) it was super duper cool!
Equally cool, or probably even more cool was what we did today. Since there wasn’t changes in our district we went to a little pueblo in our area called Samaca to take a tour of a members coal mines! It was super duper  awesome! haha we looked at where they cook the coal in super hot furnaces and then where the workers go down to work. Well I have to say I never ever want to be a coal miner. Because there was just this tiny opening in the earth and just a small little tunnel going down into darkness. We didn’t go down but I was not at all disappointed lol, a view from the outside is enough for me. Then we went up and over the mountain we were on and had a little picnic by a reservoir with a big dam. It was SOOOOOOO beautiful and I hope I can get the pictures from the 2nd half of the day cause my camera died lol. But we could see for MILES ALL AROUND US! It was the best most beautiful view that I have ever seen in my life so I hope that you guys can appreciate the beauty in the photos.
Well I want to end my letter with telling you guys that as the time goes by the mission just seems to get better and better:) Honestly I really am having the time of my life! Also I want to share one quote that I absolutely LOVE! Its from Shays letter. "I dont even know how to tell you how grateful I am that you are not here right now, because we just wouldn’t all be this happy" You don’t know just how happy this makes me!   It gives me an even greater feeling of peace that you guys are just doin great up there in Oregon:) I can’t even explain what a great blessing it is to have the best mom, dad and sister in the world! Oh and Shay are you taller? You look taller to me in the pic mom sent. Oh and are you going to Mexico next week? Honestly going off what Shay said, I would rather be here right now than with you guys in Mexico, there’s a time and a place for everything and this is where I`m meant to be right now. Plus when we go back to ol Mexico after I get done it`s gonna be SICK:) Okey Doke, well all the love in the world from the goofiest,  happiest 100% Colombian missionary Elder Crook! 
    till next week -Elder Crook 

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