Monday, January 21, 2013

Oops We Did it Again

Well the Garcia Silver kids showed us all of the movies that they had made on their dads phone and it really inspired me to come up with a little song about our baptism! Here it goes, “ Oops we did it again....baptized one more...what else is in store...oh baby baby oops! Haha Alex and Mateo will have to sing that in their best Britney Spears voice!
Alright well first I’ll talk about the awesome day we had with Moises and Melinda! First off,  we went out with Mateo for a little while in the morning. We had a great lesson about the Book of Mormon and how we can receive answers through the Holy Ghost. I asked Mateo to give the opening prayer and he did wonderfully in spanish. Then about halfway through I asked him if he had ever had any experiences where the Holy Ghost had helped him. He had me translate this time but he told the best little story, and then just wanted to keep talking after he finished which was great! Haha then I asked my kid if he could do some street contacts (which whenever he’s with me he always gets kinda scared still) but this time with Mateo he just went up to everybody and started talking! It was great lol. Then we went to lunch and ate some fried chicken with them and it was just really great:) It made me really happy to see them and they were soo nice:) Give them big hugs from me please! 
Then we had our baptism this Saturday! It was soo great and he was so prepared and excited.  It made me really happy to see him happy and excited. He even said that he wanted to receive the priesthood so the Sunday after, he received the Aaronic priesthood and became a priest. He’s 24 years old and everyone was talking to him about serving a mission and all that stuff, and I was just like “Guys! give him a break, he just got baptized and this is all new to him, don’t overwhelm him lol.” But I haven’t talked to him about a mission yet, I just want to see him at church every week participating and that would make me happy. But man, I kinda got used to having baptisms in Bogota so I took them for granted. But this time I just soaked everything up and the best part of the service was his testimony, there were tears in his eyes and he just couldn’t describe how he felt, it made me super happy! Also he has really good friends in the ward and they are a great support:) 
Thanks for your letter mom:) I’m glad you know how much I love you guys and how much I really am learning and growing. Haha so Thursday, we had a really tough day, the lessons fell through...all of them! and we didn’t have anything else to do but contact. So we went to a new area that we had never contacted before and something new happened. The neighborhood “wanna be police” came up looking all high and mighty and asked us what we were doing, I didn’t lose anytime and started to talk to him about who we are and why we are here and if he would be interested and all that jazz. He was not at all and was actually pretty rude to us. I asked him if there was a rule against what we were doing and he said no. So we went back to tracting and he followed us which was really annoying. After a few more doors that didn’t open because of the police guy, I started saying that we had brought a friend along with us.  He didn’t like that lol and told the people to not listen. Anyways after our failed door attempts he wouldn’t leave us, so we left knowing that this wasn’t productive. My companion was really down in the dumps cause he had never had a day like this or had to deal with really stupid people, so I bought us some fresh bread and told him what I told you guys in the letter. That all the principles that we teach apply to us too. And we have to apply them in our own lives. It actually turned out to be a great bonding day lol. Anyways I just wanted to share that with you and tell ya that I really really love you!
Pa, the transfers are this Sunday, but I’m 100 percent sure that I’m staying here with my kid cause he hasn’t got his visa yet. This next change that we have is going to be 8 weeks instead of 6 because  of the changes in the MTC to 2 and 6 weeks. So I will be a father for 14 good ol weeks! Usually it’s only 12. Then if Elder Escobar gets his visa,  I’ll be here for more time.  I actually might have more than 6 months in this area when I leave, but I don’t really mind because I love it here, and it’s a lot more rewarding when people want to listen:) Haha also president told us all that whoever beats him in a push up contest will win the premium Andelin....whatever that is. But you know that I always get real excited for these kinds of competitions! I honestly want to kick the crap out of my ol man president in a push up contest. And it does make me work harder in the mornings lol. haha today I wrote him and told him to let me know when this will happen cause Elder Crook is freaking READY. TO. GO. BABY! Haha I’ll have to let you know how that goes and describe every sweet detail of victory over the president. Oh and an interesting sidenote; the first yoshimira aftermarket pipe I’ve seen here, I saw on a scooter! At first I was DISGUSTED lol but then I remembered we are kind of a scooter family now so maybe you could do that to Shays? I think that would be pretty SICK! 
Shay... Que pena que me voy a regresar después de tu terminas con el colegio, pero sigue adelante con el español!! I love you lots sweetie and if you ever want anything else here from Colombia just write me and I’ll buy it! Let me know how your running is going and I want to hear more stories of smokin Monica Anderson ok:) 
Alright so this last part is for LEXI!!!!! that is soooooooo awesome that your going to PERU:) I’m super happy for yeah! and you definitely have to write me! My other stinking cousin Colton wont, so write me and send me pictures of Peru:) Are you going to lima MTC or do you know yet? hope to hear from you soon! Love you lots!! 
Darn I’m out of time but I’m going to send you a few pics of our p day today. We went to villa de leyva like Moises and Melinda instructed me. It’s really beautiful, tell you about it next week, sorry dad, I should have taken the typing class and then you would have got to hear, but NEXT WEEK lol.  

LOVE YOU TONS!!!!! - Elder Crook

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