Monday, February 4, 2013

Honestly, I Can't Think of Anything to Write

Honestly haha, this week has been like the most normal, boring week ever lol. I have been wondering who was going to win the super bowl all week though. Thats a bummer that the 9ers weren’t able to pull it out, although the bishop of our ward told me the score at half lol:) I wasn’t too bummed about missing it just that it was always fun to have our super bowl parties and make like a 5 pound plate of nachos. But I'm glad you guys had fun and I'm not surprised that Shay helped make all the cookies and didn’t get to eat ONE of them. But I’m sure that your running body didn’t need any of those cookies;) let me know how that letter from u of u goes. Hopefully they really will contact you in a few weeks. Anyways, I think my letter this week will be like one of Gages lol. And if Nicole survived 2 years with those kinds of letters I think you guys can last 1 week. 
But anyways pop, YES I would really be interested in a mountain bike for when I get back. I'm sure I'll still be pedalin when I'm back at BYU lol, and Shay couldn’t find the ol red warrior that I rode on the rim for the last few days when she went to BYU last summer, so maybe you could look around for me. Oh and tell Marillee or Emily that I'm keeping her in my prayers and hope the best for her. 
Anyways probably the best most cool thing I did this week was go over to the bishops house for lunch. That guy is awesome! He served in the same mission as Moises and of course knows him. His name is Obispo Avendano, also before the mission he was in the Colombian military as an English translator and was stationed in Egypt. He has pictures in the pyramids and in the sphinx. Also he is an Orthodontist and we talked like crazy! He lives outside of Tunja on a farm and the view there is just amazing. Anyways the people like him were the kinds of people that I always hoped to meet here on the mission. 
Also we fixed a guys roof on his house that was more than 100 years old and just did some good work this week with our investigators:) I love you guys tons and I promise I will write a little bit more next week, we are going to play basketball right now so talk to you later! 

-Elder Crook

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