Monday, September 17, 2012

Public Transportation and yup, you guessed it....MORE VEGGIES

Haha first of all I'd like to thank Gage for giving me that great idea to get rid of my veggies. Sounds like a great story for the diary bro. Man I love hearing from my amigos on missions.  I got letters from Josh,  Gage and Derrek. Derrek hasn't got his visa to Argentina yet so he is in the Cheese State of Wisconsin where absolutley no one speaks Spanish.  I think he likes it though. And Josh gave me a piece of good advice, "you make enemies on this mish just by wanting to do the right things and follow the rules." yeah he didnt exaclty tell me but I think his comp hates him for trying to follow the rules. Anyways thank you sooo much for that quote by CS Lewis mom and dad, I really like it and am gonna print it off and copy it to my study journal. Also I kinda forgot to bring my diary to the internet cafe this time with my letter outline, so if I'm all over the place (more than normal) sorry beforehand. Oh dad you need to send pics of the new countertops! and way to go Shay on your races.  I love to hear how fast you're going! I sure love you all, honestly I cant describe how happy I am to get  your letters and from the way your letters sound,  it sounds like you feel the love in my letters as well and that is my intention! WELL first I'll tell about the busses. Its funny how I talk about them in almost every letter but thats where all of the weird crazy and just plain legit stuff happens. The weird was: we witnessed a fight between 2 ladies over a seat, the one stomped off the bus in a huff and shouted "one day I'll find you!" and the whole bus went crazy hooting like a bunch of monkies! It was awesome and kinda funny at the same time. The crazy: a guy straight up fell backwards out of the buss, from the top step which is about a good 5 or 6 feet from the street, and me being the strapping young gentleman I am caught him and nicely set him out of my way so I could try to squeeze into the thing before it got all full. I think he was so dazed he didn't thank me lol. AND the LEGIT: so every day or so me and Elder Suarez have a bag of crazy goals we made up and we each have to pick one and do it. My goals have been, contact someone in a completley different way (of course I started to speak in English and that counted) and this last one was to preach the law of chastity to an entire bus of people, and guess what, yup I acheived it lol. I asked the drivers permission and then started just about yelling about the law of chastity! Man after the bus stopped to let people off,  it was empty, bare, not a soul exept for the man we were talking with, and guess what we got a new reference! Haha I love busses:) Ok those were the stories on the bus now I have to tell you another food story. So lastTuesday we were eating at a little resaurant with a sister and the waiter dude gave me 2 options for a side, obviously I had no idea what they were cause all the food is different here. So Elder Suarez said "the first is what was in the veggie soup yesterday and I have no idea what the second is" so I took a chance and ordered the second called ouyama. The first turned out to be peas, which would have been fine. But the ouyama is a gianormus fruit that tastes exactly like spaghetti squash. Yup I had to eat what looked like a giant orange turd that took up half my plate. and trust me my plate was NOT small. I should have used Gages technique lol but I ate every little bit of the orange turd. It tasted worse than an orange turd.
Well we had zone conference this week which was really fun cause we met up with another zone and I met some way cool people, like an Elder that was born in El Salvador but lived in Utah all his life so he is a latino with a gringo accent that also has a weird thing for rapping lol.  Yeah he rapped for me and I cant lie, I layed down a few rhymes myself lol. But at this conference we made a mission wide goal of 10 new investigators every week. At first I thought that it would be almost impossible. but Pres said if you do all you can do putting in the extra effort God will make up the difference. And that is what I would like to talk about now.
So we had been praying like crazy to find these 10, working like crazy to find these 10. And by Sunday only had 2. So before I went to bed Saturday night I told God I had the faith that we could find 8 tomorrow and I was going to do all in my power to find 8. Well it turns out that when you set your goals for the sky having faith in the Lord, and put your faith in action by working your butt off, God responds and blesses you. My butt is laying somewhere in the street lol, but guess what, we found 8! This week was such a learning experience that I will never forget. We found a family of 4 yesterday and 4 others that want to learn more. I cant believe how blessed I have been as a missionary for just a short period. 
Darnit I have lots more to say but I dont have the time, but haha The Big Catholic church is advertising trips to Dubai and Cancun to get more assistance. Remided me of the story dad told me about Elder Mitchell. And next letter I have to tell you the funny story about the family of 4 and their pug dog. Lots of love!!!

                          Elder Crook

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