Monday, September 10, 2012

Life just couldn't be better

Hey guys guess what I ate for lunch? you all would be soo proud of me. I had pure vegetable soup, no potatoes no meat nothing but green beans, corn and carrots. Yeah I pounded it out, can’t lie right now I’m kinda missing my pasta roni and frozen pizzas but I’m full and that’s all that matters! Haha dad I don’t have a belly yet and am still a solid 180, but my companion makes fun of me all the time cause he says I eat a lot, which I do but all we do is walk all day so I’m not fat. Yes last Sunday, Santiago and William Blanca came to church and sat next to me in sacrament. They are awesome!  It made me feel so good cause William said before he left, we just wanted to make sure that you are content and doing well here in Bogota:) Thanks to Moises for sending him. haha I also had another experience like that. We were waiting for the bus and a man said Elders! Que Mas, (whats up) we started talking to him and he has a son on a mission in Mexico and he said he first learned about the gospel in Sogomoso.. I was like WAIT, do you know Moises Garcia? Well of course he did lol, his name is Jorge Bernal and he has a sister named Lujon Gomez. Really small world, haha.  We were only waiting for the bus and I met another person who knows Moises.  So dad thanks for the quote by Elder Hales. I finally figured out that I can print stuff in the internet cafes so I printed that letter and wrote that quote in my study journal. I also realized that I don’t read your letters as carefully as I should.  I am so pressed for time that I miss stuff. If you’re thinking that I’m writing girls than you thought wrong lol, I only write you guys and Josh. But its stressful  cause I want you guys to know absolutely everything that goes on here, haha its probably one of the most stressful times of the week for me:) But today I didnt get a letter from Josh so I just relaxed and read all your letters, they make me so happy! Its crazy to think that Gage is coming home already and has his travel plans back to Coos Bay. Can’t lie though Gage, your letters are super short. But I’m glad you set such a good example for me.  I can remember hugging you goodbye like it was yesterday! Haha and how is Aaron doin with his truck? Sounds like its all gussied up and tricked out. Oh and how are Rodney’s survivorman adventures going? lol, that guy is awesomely crazy. I can remember when we`d all go out to the dunes, us the Pallos and Rodney and sometimes Alexx. Now we`re all in different states and countries, funny how things change. So I got grandma Carlenes letter finally, and a dear elder from Lani that she sent on the day I entered the Provo mtc. Thanks for those and I enjoyed reading a handwritten letter, it was nice. Oh and guys I love the hamburger pictures and the ones of Shay in california, Can’t lie,  jumping off things into water is one of my favorite things so I was just a tiny bit jealous, but Im sure counting my blessings here and trying to soak up life in Bogota. Haha funny story, we actually couldn’t get on a bus it was so packed. Elder Suarez and I were hanging out the doorway and the doors couldn’t shut. I was grabbing the indide rail for dear life for fear the bus would take off with us halfway out. Elder Suarez was like VAmos! we can do it, so I strengthened my grip expecting to ride the bus with half of my body hanging off  the edge. but we had to get off lol. Oh and we also run after the busses a lot, and I always have to get in front of Elder Suarez because if I run behind him I about die of laughter because he is so uncoordinated and can’t run worth a crap, honestly one time I was laughing so hard we almost got separated (me not on the bus and him on it) but I made it of course. Also I have another story; so we give an amazingly large amount of priesthood blessings to the sick. I always do the annointing and finally after 4 weeks I have the prayer down, so Friday we had to give one to a baby of a less active family. Before I was thinking finally! I have the prayer down and won’t have to read it or redo it. But the baby girl had 4 of the most amazingly unprounounceable names ever. So I kept trying and trying to say the full name and pronounce it right. By the 5th try the whole family was snickering and then the 6th time they were full on laughing, even my comp couldn’t keep a straight face, I however was not laughing and getting a little annoyed and irritated, trying to be reverent cause this was a blessing after all. So I finally got it right and said the rest of the prayer while everyone was trying to calm down.  I really didn’t think it was funny at the time but now I am laughing to myself telling you about it. Needless to say that family will never forget the time when the numnut gringo tried to pronounce their babies name for a blessing.  So way to go Shay on your race! and good luck tomorrow, freaking smoke Katie Potter for me and I’ll be expecting to hear from you next week. And how is it going on getting a homecoming date:) from my experience junior year I can remember I was sweating up a storm asking my date, but it turned out really fun and something I really enjoyed. Good Luck! and remember, if you dont have a date this year dad WILL make you ask for one next year, this I am sure of. Oh and the pic is of me and my comp walking outside of our apts, we had the security guard take it about an hour ago. Wow this letter is HUGE, I know mom and dad will like it but anyone else might have got bored and stopped reading in the middle.   I love you all and am really enjoying my time here in Bogota, its seriously almost like 80 degrees!! Awesome.
                                                                                                   Elder Crook 

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