Monday, September 3, 2012

The blind leading the blind

Boy I cant believe how fast this thing is going! Feels just like deja vu sitting in the same spot on the same internet cafe on my 3rd p-day! I get such a boost reading your guys` letters. I also get emails from Elder Josh Fred Kilts every week too and of course they are hilarious and soooo awesome. Well this week was pretty normal, we helped some Elders in our zone move apts. Oh we have 8 elders and 4 hermanas in our zone lol with 5 leaders, 2 zone and 3 disrict leaders and 3 greenies. It’s always a pretty good joke when we have district or zone meetings cause there are more leaders than regular missionaries. But anyways we helped them move into a bomb apt that really made me jealous lol. They have a workout gym in their complex! That was a good change of pace and I really enjoy talking and getting to know the other Elders in our Zone. One of the best parts of the mission so far is just meeting all of the different kids from different countries and backgrounds, its been a trip! Haha we also got our water cut for about a day and a half cause I guess the water tanks were being cleaned. I’m sure you guys can imagine just how great that was without water to shower with, wash dishes or flush the toilet(prolly the worst). But all is well now and just to let you know the water is hot too, so that is really nice. Haha also I ate something strange (for me anyways) its common here in Colombia, but its called Mondogo. I’ts the inner layer of the stomach skin of the cow, Im pretty sure thats what it is (you can ask Moises to confirm cause Im sure he knows) But anyways it tasted pretty good, the only bad thing was that the texture was  the worst thing ever. It was like slimy and rubbery and very hard to chew and swallow. I got through it though lol, haha I think by the time I come home I’ll be able to eat pretty much anything. We had the nasty salad again at the same members house and it wasn’t as bad the 2nd time. Also I got to go on splits with another gringo for a full day in my own area in preparation for me taking out missionaries in the CCM. I’ll get to that, but his name is Elder Cannon and he’s from Utah.  I had a great time teaching lessons with him and I only got lost in my area for a few minutes, It’s pretty huge by the way. SOOOOOO now to my big day. You might be wondering why I titled this email the blind leading the blind. Well its because I got to be on my own with two brand spanking new missionaries from the Colombian MTC. I thought it was gonna be like the blind leading the blind but I found out that you’ve just got to act like you know what you’re doing and people will follow you lol. I actually do kind of know what I’m doing but that’s just something I learned lol. We contacted, had a lesson, ate lunch, contacted some more and then met back at the stake center at the end of the night. It was sooo much fun! I feel like a fully functioning missionary able to make decisions and find addresses and think on the move , it was just a great experience. The pictures are of the 2 new latinos from the MTC and a zone activity we had today.  The hermanas made us a heavenly lunch lol. 
Well I have a little time left so I think I’d like to share with you all just a little bit of the things that I have learned. One night this week I remembered a text dad sent me when I was back in college. "Time is always passing us by, its how you use it that makes it special" Thank you so much for that dad because at the time when I remembered it,  I was just so furious with myself about not being able to understand everything. Honestly if there would have been a cat or dog in the street I probably would have killed it. I was so horribly mad and frustrated but then I remembered that. Time is a funny thing, it can either be spent sulking or fretting and worrying or enjoying every little experience good, bad or normal. I realize that this time I can never get back, never do over, never change. So I’m just enjoying the ride and the adventure of life. I honestly can’t believe sometimes God would trust me enough to send me on a mission but here I am, better make the most out of it. I have also learned that God is someone to trust in. Every night when I go to sleep I just feel so peacefull because I have God on my side, I am never alone. Haha I saw a guy riding his motorcycle today and he was singing at the top of his lungs. I remember exactly when I would be on a ride with dad singing a song or just yelling to all the world I LOVE MY DAD!! HE RIDES MOTORCYCLES WITH ME! those are little moments that need to be treasured and enjoyed. I am doing my best to cherish all the time I have here and enjoy it also. I love you guys soooo very much. Mom I cant wait to hear your voice, honestly. I love you all tons...chow!

                                                                Elder Crook

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