Wednesday, July 25, 2012

flying solo in Colombia

Well in my eyes this past week has absolotley flown. Worrying about proselyting made it come upon me even faster but nevertheless i had a great experiece. Mom Dad, your stories make me laugh so much and I read some of your sentances to my district and they bust out laughing, especially about the coon story....freaking hilarious that made my whole day when I read it. So I figured out the letter situation, I am going to try to read your e-mails before my pday and so we are not a week behind each other, just keep e-mailin me and I will be fine! Oh and i havent recieved gmas handwritten letter yet.
Anyways we all proselyted in the Bogota North mission area of Bogota city. My area was about a 30 minute bus ride from the ccm and there were some really nice places and some preeetttyy schetchy places too. My Senior companion was the zone leader and he had 6 months left. i also had a native comp from the ccm that was kind of shy. Anyways they spoke no english at all lol. We got around 35 new contacts(I think the zl was just tryin to set the bar high for us) and we taught 2 lessons to investigators. So this is how it went, every person we talked to on the street I had to engage them. Basically say we´re missionaries and we have a message about families and other things. Then when they started talking the other 2 would take over and I was left trying to figure out what they were saying. They were speaking so fast that when I understood something and tried to chime in they were already talking about something else lol. Haha one time after I introduced us I tried responding to this ladys questions and it was a total fail. Later when I asked what went on I understood from my companions broken english that she actually thought i was mentally retarded. Luckily I had nice comanpanions that explained to her my situation, at that point I kind of did feel a little mental but it went away lol. Another interesting part of the day was lunch. We had the normal rice (of Course) fish (forgot to ask what kind) and fried plantains (starting to become one of my faves if cooked right). Ok so the lady just took a whole fish and threw it in the skiilet and deep fried the entire thing. Sooooooooo good, haha when i started eating it with my fork they laughed at me and told me to eat it with my hands, Then when I was finished with everything but the head the lady said EAT THE EYES!! in spanish of course. So I was like Cheverre (cool) and proceded to suck they eye out of the fish like I had seen her do, it was not the greatest thing in the world but it wasnt that bad cause I was too afraid to chew lol, I just swallowed. So i freaking ate like every part of the fish! Oh sidenote, I have been asking around about whether or not we did eat horse, and its beef lol the cooks just call it caballo (horse). anyways after that we taught them a lesson and I shared how awesome my family is and how this gospel has brought us so much closer together. Nothing to big, I was just surprised they could understand me and I think they appreciatted the big silly grin i had on my face the whole time. Then at night we taught another inverstigator, whom after the lesson I thought was a recent convert because she was just so exited and gung ho about everything. She said she didnt need any help with anything when I asked because through praying and reading her scriptures she had found answers to her questions. I then shared a scripture in Mosiah about how keeping the commandments will bless you both spiritually and pysically. Once again I think the investigators were surprised at my spanish and they both commented on how happy I looked. It was awesome!
So fastforward to tuesday and all the Latinos as well as the other district of Americans have gone to thier mission feilds. So its only us in the mtc and we had a free day where we got to go and do anything we want in Bogota. But first we had to move out of our rooms and into our new ones where my comp is now Elder Rezendez and we are in a room that had 8 beds lol. this room is as big as our 6 bed room and smaller than our 4 person room in provo. And all the new Americans didnt get their visas, hence flying solo in colombia, we will be the only 6 North Americans here for 3 more weeks! Anyways so yesterday we got to do a session with just our disrict (and yes I have now done more sessions in spanish than I have in English). Then we got to go exchange our money into Colombian pesos, I had 60 bucks in cash so I only exchanged that. Then we went to a huge Catholic Cathedral ontop of a mountain. It is called Monserrate, you should look it up online because it was so awesome. Alittle weird but awesome. The view was great and we could see all of Bogota! it seemed like it never ends. I took tons of pics and one video, I will try to send them all when I get to the field but man it was sooooo awesome. Then we had subway for dinner and then watched 17 miracles. haha I remember dad saying it was hard to follow if you werent a church historian. And it kind of was, but you guys know that any movie we are allowed to watch we almost kill ourselves with exitement lol. So I t was good. Haha also we are allowed to listeen to the music and my favorite it the youth page. Before my mission you wouldnt have caught me dead listening to the efy soundtrack. haha you guys know I thought that stuff was so dumb but now I love it lol cause its music. I like the songs while were young and walking in sunlight. one girl sounds like taylor swift so I listen to her song over and over. Im gonna be so weird when i get home but it wont matter, Im sooo happy and the only thing that would make me happier would be to see you guys. i love you soooooo much!!!!
                                                                                        -Elder Crook

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