Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bad Hair Day - July 11, 2012

Hey pappy!! I know youre home alone all week so I hope this letter will cheer you up. Fyi they are more srict on the e-mails here, only 30 min to read and write and I have a teacher peering over me making sure Im emialing only family. So I havent even read youre letter yet and I have one from Josh too so hopefully I can read them later.
Ok so the food here is a little bit better than in provo because its all homemade since theres only about 60 people total here. Weve had the best juices ever though, like mango juice pineapple juice lulu, moro and apple soda (the weird ones are fruit native to colombia). We also got this thing called a granadilla the other day and it had a hard outside and you cut it in half and there is like mucousy seeds in side. All you do is slurp it out and swallow it, it is way good tasting but the texture makes me wanna hurl after a few slurps lol. The food consists of chicken and rice, like once or twice a day well have chicken or rice or both, so its not to bad. So the CCm here is super small and we have a room smaller than in provo but with 6 ppl now instead of 4. It is crowded but we make due. There are other Americans here and one went to Fremont high, his name is Elder Woolsey and he swam with Clint and Lexi when he was there. there are about 45 latinos here and they are all pretty much converts to the church which just blows me away, they are so humble and fun to try and talk too. Even though I cant really understand them because they talk so fast we have a great time together. Also my comp is Elder Albrect now, we got switched around a little bit. Haha he sprained his ankle yesterday playing vollleyball and I ve made fun of him for it ever since, but now I am giving him piggybacks every where we go lol.
My one goofy story for this week is about my new haircut. So there is this crazy latino haircut lady that I guess was huntng me down to cut my hair from the first day Ive been here. Last friday she finally cornered me in the lunchroom and pulled me out. The whole room was laughing at me because she gives horible haircuts. They look ok on Latinos but on me it looked horrible. All she did was shave the sides to like a centimeter and leave the top long, like a bowl cut. I looked like a freaking retard! worst haircut since the Tebow era a few years ago;) only you will know what Im talking about lol. Anyways right after I went to the bathroom and told Elder Albrect to get his clippers (luckily he had them] no one saw me so they couldnt tell the lady. he buzzed the top to the length of the sides and now I look somewhat normal. Crisis averted right.....wrong apparently the lation haircut lady gets very offended when anyone but her cuts youre hair. So I have been avoiding that room that shes in and have a few close calls but havent been caught yet. Ill tell you next week if she catches me.
We get to go proselyte with a real missionary in the field the saturday after next, I am so exited to get off of the ccm campus and see more of the country. We got to see a little bit more of it today when we went to the temple. The biggest surprise to me was how crazy the traffic is here. Take our traffic laws and throw them out the window, if you want space in the road you have to make it, i havent seen one stoplight. They have so many motorcycles here and some of them are way sweet! they practicly live in the center between 2 lanes. It is so crazy and Ive seen old ladies on scooters making gutsier moves in traffic than you or I ever would think of doing. It is such a great experience here and I am trying to enjoy every moment of it and learn all i can. I love you so much dad and hope you are having a good week and keeping busy helping ryan with his house. Love you lots.
                                                Elder  Crook (aka Chancho)

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