Friday, July 20, 2012

I'm gonna be a missionary for reals...but only for one day

Well this week was not my most exiting week here. I loved hearing about the kayak trip and the way dad tells it is just hilariious. The pictures are great too! when I get to the field im gonna try to print them and add em to my picture book. That was probably a highlight of my week. And YES! I would love to go back and kayak in 2 years with you guys, that would be a blast. Just in case you dont know yet I always find time to read your letters after I send mine for the week becasue i want to have the full thirty min to type. You guys know I need it haha, I nver took keyboarding in 8th grade. Anyways last friday was a very very interesting day. We got up at 6 to go to the immigration office to get official colombian IDs. So we filled out paperwork and thought we were all goood to go to get pics and fingerprints....noope. I guess someone forgot about general bank statements and the Americans and a few latins not from Colombia but serving here had no idea what to do. Of course you know me I tend to not listen as well as I should and especially when they give us instructions in Spanish it just kinda goes in one ear and out the other. so we were there by ourselves until the busdriver came to pick us back up, we told him about the statements and he gave them to us and left. If you are confused its because I am still confused about what went on here. It is about 12 right now and we are in the middle of Bogota on a random streetcorner. Old ladies are coming by and yelling at us in Spanish. On Latino Elder shoutded HALLELUJIA and AMEN afterwords, it was pretty funny but probably not what we should shout after getting shouted at. I still dont know what the old lady was yelling but it was pretty funny. Then we finally got to do our IDs but thier computer sysltem crashed halfway through, so we sat for another 4 hrs and finally got back to the mtc at around 5. We didnt get lunch that day and I was stinking mad when all we had for dinner was a heaping plate of rice. In case you havent noticed Im eating a crapload of rice but am slowly getting used to it. Last nights dinner was a nice change when we had horse steaks, you know me Im all for the meat so Iloved it! it was quite chewy and tough but had a distinct flavor. I went back for seconds on that. Also there have been problems with missionaries stealing stuff from other missionaries. so far there have been shoes, shirts, and 100 us dollars stolen. Luckily our room of Americans have been spared, but I hid my wallet pretty good. Haha I guess the super bowl of soccer games was here in Bogota on sunday. I guess one of the teams from bogota won because there were fireworks in the stadium and its like 2 or 3 blocks away from the ccm. So we gathered around the window and watched them for a while, you can say I didnt miss 4th of July but I bet your guys firework show waas better. After that people were going crazy, screaming honking there horns hanging out the windows with their soccer jerseys and the occasional gunshot and siren. It kept me up a while but it was exiting.
Soooo I get to go proselyting for reals on saturday, real people, real spanish, real missionary for reals. I am pretty nervous because I can teach lessons and chat a little bit in Spanish, but when it comes to listening and understanding it is no bueno. Everyone talks so fast and to me it all sounds like one big word. But I will have an expeirinced elder and a native comp with me so I know I will be fine. Im prayin like crazy, I know it will be an awesome experience and I probably wont wanna come back to the ccm. I sure love you guys and hope your week went well and this one is going good. Tell shay to send me an email about her camp cause im super interested to see how she does and how she liked it. You guys are awesome and whenever I get a little bit down i always think of my family. It helps me focus so much more and get back into the swing of things. Thank you for being so awesome. Oh and tell Gramma Joyce thanks a ton for that care package!!! it was awesome
                                           Elder Crook

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