Monday, July 9, 2012

In Colombia - Safe and Sound - July 4th (original date of message)

Hey guys I hope you are having a great time kayaking. I want to hear all about it when you guys get home. Well I am here e-mailing you from the Colombian ccm on my first full day here. I dont even know were to begin but Ill try to give you guys a rundown of what has been happening. So after I talked to you gusy on friday we had a great staurday and sunday just mostly doing the same things. Sunday was fun because we had an actor come and recount the Joseph Smmithstory throuhg the eyes of one of Josephs closest friends Willard something. But it was really cool and I liked it a lot. Then on monday we packed a lot and taghut our first trc which is member volunteers that can speak spanish. It was a lot more relaxed because we just had to share a small message on prayer and get to know them a little better. After teaching we had the best dinner ever of chicken strips, I hoovered 3 plates and while i was eating elder albrect made me lagh so hard I got a piece of Chicken in my nose lol, that was a fun night. Then we said our goodbyes to the rest of the kids in our district and tried to get some sleep.
We woke up at 4am to get our visas and tickets and catch the shuttle to SLC at 5. While we were at the airport there were people honking at us and cheering like crazy like we were some kind of celebrities or something. Then I payed 75 dollars for my bag (can you check my account for me when youre back?) and we got on a 4 hour flight to Atlanta. i had so idea how many trees there are in Atlanta, it was kinda cool but it was so hot and muggy there I was glad to be in the air conditioned airport. Then we waited for an hour at our gate going to Bogota, everyone was speaking Spanish and all of the instructions to board were in Spanish, they finally saw us and rattled them of in English out of pity probably. Then there was a huge thunderstorm i mean huge!! it was raining the hardest i had seen in a while. So we sat on the runway for 3 hours to wait for it to clear out and then we got out of there. The flight was good and we got in last night to the ccm at 2. im sorry but im gonna get kicked of here in a sec but i love you guys and hope youre having fun kayaking
                                            Elder Crook

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