Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I was born in the MTC

Alright so i don´t have a whole lot to say this week, there has been lots of changes and I´m liking some and disliking the others. Last sunday in church I understood almost every word, ecxept for the latinos who speak like 1000 miles an hour, I can only catch a word here or there or when they try to catch thier breath. So my understanding is getting better but my speaking is staying the same I think. I can teach all the lessons decentley but now i have been trying to bring some of my personality into the lessons because I know if i teach with exitement and happiness I know people will be more receptive. It´s just extremely hard to express myself or crack a little joke here and there, but I´m working on it. Also it feels as if I have lived my whole life here in the Colombia CCM, and dad CCM stands for Cento de CApitacion Misioneros or somethin close to that and it is interchangeable with MTC. but I did finish the BOM this week and am now gonna try to finish Jesus the Christ by the time I leave cause I don´t have a copy. Anyways yes we did ride the tram to the top of monserrate and it was sooooo cool. My ears were poppin like crazy, haha and on the way down we were with some people that found out we were american missionaries and started filming us in the tram, it was weird but whatever. I have actually learned a lot about different religions here because all of our teachers are converts and yes they are all colombian and won´t speak english to us. So I have talked to them about Catholics and jehovahs witnesses, one of our teachers was even studying to become a Catholic priest and then he met 2 missionaries. Pretty amazing, I love all of my teachers and I think they really like teaching the Americans too. Also we have been getting practice being investigators for the new Latin group. It is so funny to see how far we´ve come in teaching skills. I know that we made the exact same mistakes our first week and it´s just great to see that we´ve actually been making progress. So in my first lesson being an investigator the Latino companionship asked me what they could have done better and all I said was ¨What is my name? and then told them not to worry.
So Way To Freaking Go Shay!! I got tingles runnin down my back when you said you won! I´m real proud of you for that. I hope you´ve been having an awesome time in Utah and it sounds like some crazy weather, tell both grandparetns I love them and I hope you learned a whole lot from that camp for next season. Just wanna let you know that I´ve been praying for you lots lately, I know that junior and senior years I definitley grew a lot and had waaaaaayyyyyy more fun then freshman and sophmore years. Remember that I sure love you lots and am expecting to hear from you every week now that you´re busy summer is com ing to an end. Even if its just a few sentances i wanna Know!!!
I am actually counting down the days untill i´m into the field and it can´t come fast enough. I know there will be a steep steep learning curve and that it´s gonna be stinking hard for the first few months till I can get a grasp of the language but I just wanna get out there and try to do some actuall work. I know that I can definitley make up for my lack of knowlege and the language if I just give everything over to the spirit and throw myself into the work, which is what i´m planning to do.

                                             Elder Crook

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