Monday, December 10, 2012

Farms and Failed Attempts at Christmas

Farms and Failed Attempts at Christmas – Dec. 10 (Kody’s letter)

Hey Hey Hey! Have I ever told you guys just how much I LOVE reading your letters:) Haha so I read dad’s letter too fast last week and wrote you guys that my old skype account worked but then I printed it out and read that he told me to make a new account, so I made a new account and my name is elderkodyeldurocrook. El Duro here is like slang for stud, so yeah thats what it means lol. But then I read your e-mails that said you guys made a new skype, soooooo I just added my new skype account with your new skype account and yup I´ve got a cute new picture and everything:) I´m SUUUUPPPpeEEEEERRRRR excited to talk with you guys, it´s probably not gonna be on the 25th cause I´m pretty sure all the internets will be closed. Sooooooo who knows maybe the 24th or 26th, depends on what the president says or what my comp wants to do. Oh yeah we´ll have a Christmas devotional/dinner thing for all the missionaries close to Bogota, with president and all so I´m looking forward to that. But I will let you know more on when I´ll be calling you vale;) listo entonces bueno, I´m doing just fine here and have gotten over my little bout of sickness. It lasted about 2 days and now I feel fine. The members here are super nice, one of the days I went to lunch and told the hermana that I was really sorry but I just didn’t feel like eating lunch. She had her husband run to the pharmacy and buy me a stomach pill and then buy some celery to make an aromatic drink. I´m not sure it helped but it really felt good that she was worried for me. And I really do think that the coke helps so I´m going to put that in my memory bank for next time lol. 
PA: You are just too funny in your letters, haha you can move in with me anytime, anyday lol. I´m glad to hear the ol truck’s running now and that my bike still works:) (MAN DO I MISS THAT THING) Haha the other day a guy pulled out on to the street on his dirt bike and popped a wheelie in the street and sped away. Honestly I almost cried lol, it probably was the closest I´ve been on my mission to shed a tear. I’M SERIOUS!!!!! It not only reminded me of what a great bike I have but  of all the awesome times we spent cruising the streets of Coos Bay together:) 
MA: haha yesssss I am starting to appreciate more the little things in life, really if there´s one thing that I can say that I have learned up and to this point on my mish it´s how to find the good in everything.  I have always been a happy kid but now I am starting to try and cherish this special time I have here more. And I hope I can carry that always on through my life. I sure love you and I hope you can feel peace and not miss me so much this Christmas. I will do my best to not miss you guys lol so it´s a deal:) 
Well this week was quite a bit better:) we have in our area little pueblos that are outside of Tunja. One is called Samaca, and the other Oicata. Man are they B E A UTIFUL! Our ward has members in both of these smaller towns and they are both about 45 min outside of Tunja. Which says a lot about these members, they have to sacrifice A LOT to just go to church, which is a great testimony builder to me that if these people can go to church when It’s really, really far then we as missionaries can find people that will go to church when it´s not as far as these pueblos. So I will send pictures of both of these little towns. Haha the dirt road litterally ended at the members house in Oicata. She lives on a farm and we actually got to do a little farmwork:) we watered the cows BABY:) it was fun:) Then in Samaca there’s a member who owns a coal mine. I guess there’s a lot of Coal there in Samaca so he´s got a little business and it sounds really cool and interesting. He invited us back this next p-day to take a tour of the mines and to have a barbeque tooo. That sounds awesome BUT we have changes so if one of the 4 elders here gets changed then we all have to stay and wait for the new elder to arrive, so it´s probable that we won’t be going there next Monday. But we will be going back in the near future to take a tour of the mines. So that was really fun to go to those towns and check out the countryside. It is really beautiful:)
Well as for the failed attempts at Christmas there was really only one, but I´ll tell you about the 2 Christmas experiences I had ( or didnt Have lol) Well the night of lights or whatever you called it there was a bust for us. (It´s actually called dia de las velas) or day of the candles. So it’s always on the 7th of December, so we were working on that day and had just got out of a lesson where the investigators had asked us if we were gonna light candles.  We said SI CLARO cause we had a member there in our lesson and we asked him if we could light them with him. He said we could then later, he told us it was the 8th. So we went to another lesson and then home and realized everyone had there candles out. So we missed out on that, but next year:) next year I´ll write my name with candles and light them all!!! The other attempt at Christmas was where we decorated a tree of an investigator. It´s a Charlie Brown BABY!!! hah you´ll have to look at the picture that I will send. I love you soooooooo much and I sure hope that next Monday i will be writing you here in Tunja, I´m 99 percent sure that I´ll stay but one never knows. LOVE YOU GUYS SOOOOOO STINKIN MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                      Elder Crook:)

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