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Hey it sounds like we are on the same wavelength there!! Before I logged into my e-mail I logged into my skype account!! Looks like I don´t really have to do anything new only log on and call! The only thing I´m worried about is the internet connection and if it will be good enough. But we are GOOD TO GO BABY!!! We´ll be skypin at the end of the month!!! Can you tell I´m super excited!!!!!!! and I know you guys are too:) Anyways I wasn´t going to tell you about the majority of my week but mom asked tons of q´s in her letter so I feel obligated to tell you other than just ignoring them lol. Mom said she loves hearing it all so I´ll tell all good and bad.
MOM: we HAD serious investigators, a family of 3 -  a mom, daughter and her niece that had baptismal dates for next Saturday, turns out they moved to Meddellin today :( But that’s alright I know they´ll find the church there and get baptized.  By the way the niece was the girl who asked me what she needed to do to go on a mission. So I´m sure that God will direct them to the nearest chapel in Meddellin. Besides for them, we have one 24 year old guy who has a date for the 16th which is the last week of the changes. So I will be SUPER happy if he is baptized and confirmed.  His name is Nelson and I see him as a future elders quorum president, but we´ll just have to see. As for the special moments I had this week......yeah I ate a plate of this rice/seafood stuff and it immediately made me sick, yeah like throwing up all night sick. It really sucks to be sick we all know that, but what sucks more is to be sick and not have anyone to take take of you.  I had to imagine your voice telling me to just sip on some sprite and eat a little bread lol. Well that lasted from Thursday night to Saturday, where I felt decent enough to go and try to work. Then on Sunday I  wasnt feeling any better when an idea popped into my mind to drink coke. I remember someone saying that if you just drink coke after every meal, then you will be fine. And HEY IT WORKED! I feel great today and ready to go out there and get em! Yeah we´ve got our work cut out for us these last 2 weeks, so maybe we can have some new investigators and baptismal dates going into the next change, I´ll let you know how it goes:) Oh and I feel the same as you about how my mission has seemed. Sometimes it´s felt like I´ve just been a missionary my whole life and I will keep on being a missionary until I die and other times it feels like woah! I  just got here, Woah! I really don’t have that much time to be a missionary and all that good stuff. 
Well that was just kinda the bad stuff that happened this week, just to let you know I am still doing great and I feel great too:) I got the best compliment from a member this week and I thought I´d share it with you. Oh he knows Moises too (haha go figure) but we were talking about missionaries that get trunky and all that Jazz ( he´s a return missionary from Peru) and he´s like you know something Elder Crook, I just love how you enjoy every stupid moment of your mission. You’re not like some of the others, I can just tell you are having the time of your life here. That was great to hear from a member return missionary.  He is awesome! Oh and his family grew up in Sogamoso and they know Moises. They are named Don Jorge Rodriguez, Ronny Rodriguez, and Ariel Rodriguez. I think Moises might know them. Yeah they feed us lunch every Saturday! 
Ok well, I don’t have a lot of time left so I´ll end my letter with the highlight of my week. We had a talent show this week and that’s why my letter is titled what it is, we did synchronized swimming:) but out of water, all we did was get 2 blue bed sheets and set them up in front of us and then we were behind it and did a little choreographed dance thing. In my opinion it was the best of the show!! It was soooo much fun reallllly funny and just a blast, I have a video but it´s just to big to send to you guys, but I´ll send it with Moises and Melinda! Oh also our dance was choreographed to the titanic theme song lol, so it was really dramatic and that made it all the more funny. Heck yeah we busted out a few moves behind the blue sheets lol, it was awesome!!!! 
I sure love you guys and can´t wait to SEE and TALK to you this Christmas, by the way dad, I want the whole towing story even though by just reading it I about died here in my chair laughing. Well until next week:)

                         Elder Crook

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