Wednesday, August 8, 2012

ultimo semana

Thanks Adam! I really enjoyed your letter and am glad to hear the new baby is doing well as well as her Momma. Thx for sharing some of those scriptures with me but seriosly, you don´t have to flatter me by saying I´m not weak cause I´m weak in just about everything right now lol, but I like Ether 12;27 where it says the Lord gives you weaknesses that they may be made strong. So I have a lot of work to do but I know I can be a strong missionary someday lol. But Thanks again for the mail. I love hearing from you guys.
Haha mom Im glad you commented on the efy music cause it kinda gave me a little chuckle to hear you listen to those songs while running. However I do like walking in sunlight but I like another song by the same artist and its called your light. This one sounds even more like taylor swift and it might just be my favorite. Dad, Im glad to hear shay is back to being an ol stubborn hefer like usuall;) She sounded so happy in her last letter I forgot that about her. We all love you though Shay, You have such a Sweet sweet spirit lol. Anyways I think it took about a week here in the Colombian CCM to surpass my high school knowlege and know I feel like I´m a decent ways further than I was in high school. In sacrament every week the president announces who will be talking right on the spot. So this week I got to bless the sacrament (haven´t done this since I was home) and give a 5 minute discurso on service (which I have´t done since college). It went good and I think all the latinos were surprised cause after they were all like oooohhhhhhhh you talk so good lol it was funny, and I even managed to throw in a chiste (joke) while I was speaking. All I said was ¨this missionary is VERY exited to serve the colombians¨¨ Latinos will laugh at everything so they busted up, i tied it into my service topic so i thought it was kinda goofy but i wasn´t expecting them to laugh. Also I was in a lesson with a latino as an investigator and he told me he was a carpinter, so i was like ohhhhh just like Jesus right? he couldn´t stop laughing for a good 2 minutes and neither could my latino comp I was teaching with. So you guys prolly think that was just dumb and stupid when I said those words but the latinos just have a different sense of humor. (This I know because all of their chistes are horrible lol). Anyways My comp for proselyting 2 sats ago said I could prolly be decently fluent with 3 months in the field, he said I could talk better than any of his american comps the tricky part is understanding. So Im hoping by at least christmas I will be pretty well off.
I´m glad to hear Davis´ got moved all good and that the garage floor looks better now than it did. It was also good to hear that Jed was thinkin of me and that he is nice enough to give some money. Well tell Jed and Coach Ainsworth hi for me if you see or talk to them any more. Oh I almost forgot we get to go proselyte again this saturday in the Bogota South area of Bogota!! I´m pretty exited cause saturday will prolly be the only time I´m out of my mission for the next 2 years.
Ok so we leave the CCM next tuesday morning and then I have no clue what is gonna happen after that. I´ve heard from other missionaries that Bucaramenga could be my first area cause thats were a lot of the new missionaries go, but I have no idea this being the first tranfer for our new mission pres. Also I´m not sure if I´ll get a chance to e-mail next week or not. Everyone says that P days are mondays so if that is the case you will get an e-mail from me in 2 mondays from now. This is all just my speculation though so I could be wrong. anyways expect pictures form me!!!! I will finally be able to send them so I will try to send a lot and a vid from on the top of monserrate. Also I love to recieve pictures from you guys no matter what they are. I dont know if you saw the picture of gage by the cookie monster car but it freaking made my day! Thanks for sending that Nicole:) I´m glad to see gage is doin well and i´m sure he´s a stud right about now. Love you all like crazy!!!

                                                                                     -Elder Crook

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