Monday, August 20, 2012

Adventures of the Gringo and Peruvian

Ok SOOOOO im sure your all wondering where im serving but surprise! Im still in Bogota serving in the area Jordan(prounounced hordan). Its soooooo legit and I just love it. I have a comp named elder suarez and he is from peru. He is my trainor and I absolutley love him. Well I`ll first start where i left off 2 weeks ago. We went proselyting in Bogota south and that was way sweet. But nothing really exiting happened. then after that we got ready to leave the CCm and left tuesday morning. One of my pics i sent was of our gringo district in the Colombia CCM 3 of them went to Barranqilla so they left super early. Then us bogota northers left at around 8 and then had interviews with the president who is awesome by the way. And then ate the first homecooked meal in 2 months cooked by sister Andelin it was sooooo good lol. then it was off our areas. By this time i didnt know where i was going or who my comp would be but we all walked into the chapel full of our trainors and I saw an elder and just knew he was going to be my trainor. I told Elder Albrecht and when Pres Andelin called my name he called the name of the Elder I had picked out. It was awesome, Elder Albrecht was like WOW how did you know. Haha i guess i just knew lol. But he is such a hard worker and you all know that I am definitley gonna keep up with him. I didnt ever unpack we just dropped my stuff off and went straight to work. Bogota is sooo freaking crazy, its as loud as heck so when we talk with people in the streets its so hard to hear and let alone understand. There is always music playing....haha I didnt know how I was gonna live without music but I think i listen to more here than i ever have in my life. they mostly play latino hip hop but every now and again I hear a song i know and i cant lie, sometimes I bob my head to it and sing a long in my head. but elder suarez does it too so I think its ok lol. But man is it a change!! holy cow the streets are always filled with people and busses and motorcyles weaving thier way through, my 1st full day I seriously almost got hit by a taxi because I think they dont care if they hit people or not. I saw a guy fall on his bicycle and a taxi wizzed literrally inches past him. But all is well!! Oh let me tell you about the busses. The one we always ride is called the alimentador and it is free. SOOO that means it is always maxed out with people. Most of the time me and Elder Suarez are practically hanging out the door. haha the first time I rode it my button in my back pants pocket got caught in the door so when it shut (they shut violently) it yanked me back and I thought for sure I would end up in the street but I didnt lol. It just ripped my buttonoff lol, bye bye button. But the thing I was most surprised about was that on saturday night there is hardly a soul in the street, the are all out partying. I was astonished lol. Oh my goodness Iam sitting in the internet cafe and a song by deaf Leapord came on. Ohhhh im in heaven right now. Have you ever needed someone so bad!!! have you ever wanted someone you can`t have!! oh boy that was very unmissionary like but iam getting to the missionary stuff.

We have 5 scheduled baptisms in the next 2 weeks!! Only 1 of them is from the last companisnship of Elder Suarez. So that means that I have invited 4 progressing investigotors to baptism. It is so crazy how many people have just been looking for something like this gospel for their whole lives.
Anna, Andres, And Monica. I contacted this family my first night in Colombia. haha elder suarez mad it my goal to contact someone and get an appt, adress and telephono all by myslef. So i did  it and they said yess!! the next day when we stopped by thier house to visit, Elder suarez told me he had contacted this hous and that monica was interested but since there was no parents home he couldnt teach her. I couldnt believe it because I had contacted their mom on the whole other side of town. god definitley wanted us to go to that house again. so on the first lesson we felt they were ready and Andres 11 and Monica 16 are getting baptized!!! on the 7 of september. Anna the mom needs to get married first which I hope she will because she really has a desire to become a member.
Flor and Carol. We had had such a bad day my first full day out, got yelled at, someone tryed to take my money. He more like asked for it and when I just stared at him he ran away but then we came to this golden door. We knoocked and I said to Elder suarez Este es la puerta de oro. This is the golden door. he said this is the golden family. and when they opened the door he straight away asked if he could use the bathroom. by this time i guess he really needed to go. then we got a return appt and Flor the mom is getting baptized on the 7 as well. (The 7 is only if the attned church 3 straight times in a row which so far so good)

I really wish i could tell you more but I have to email the president and I have 5 minutes left of my hour, we have 2 baptisms this saturday so next monday I will send you the pics. I love you guys soooooooo sooooooo much and want to let you know that I am doing amazing.

                         Elder Crook

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