Monday, May 5, 2014

Listos pa'l mundial baby!!

Hi guys, well hope you`ve had a great week. We`re thinking about skyping at 7:30 our time here in Colombia. So I`m not sure if, you guys are 2 hours behind or 3 hours. But at 7:30 my time and we`ll be all good to go. Also we`ll have an hour like the last 2 times. It`s weird that it will be the last skype call before we get to see each other in person. It`s really quite weird to think about seeing you guys again after a good sized chunk of time has passed. Well this week wasn`t anything special really. I got to go on an intercambio with my best bud Elder Dos Santos.  I went to his area where everyone says is the ´most dangerous place´ but nothing out of the ordinary happened at all. It was just so fun to be with him all day and be able to talk and reminisce of old memories and places and people. We are from the same group and I met him when I was in my training with Elder Da Silva. SO we`ve known each other for a while now. But I just love all the opportunities the mission gives you. For that one night I was in a little neighborhood on the outskirts of Bucaramanga with a Brazilian just preaching the gospel and having a complete BLAST! Some of those memories you just can`t ever forget. 
So things have been going decently well here in our area, Sergio and Merli keep on progressing and Merli invited her Dad to listen to us so we have been teaching him and he came to church yesterday so we were all pretty excited:) here in a little bit we have family home evening with them. Also yesterday we went to visit a less active member’s son who has cancer. They gave him only 6 days outside of the hospital and then he has to go back in for more dosages of chemotherapy. The mom reminds me a lot of my mom, and the kid is my age. I don`t think I could even comprehend what would be going on if that were to be happening to me. I have always been blessed with a strong healthy body and to lose that blessing, I don`t think I could handle it. So we went over there and shared a little message and gave him a blessing. It just put things in perspective a little bit. Sometimes we take things for granted and don`t appreciate what we have. It made me appreciate just a little bit more who I am, where I`m at, and the family that I have and that is so close to me. I really love you guys, and will never be able to thank you enough for all the support you have given to me. 
Well you all know I`ve been focusing and trying to work hard with the time that I have left. But this last week especially I have just been sooo tired for no reason. Like the more I try to work hard the more frustrated I get. And it`s not like we have a hard physical life. Just walk nothing else, I mean we do walk a ton but I just get so mad at myself sometimes for being tired. Also I feel like I am just going through the motions sometimes and the days just blur into weeks and then BOOM! we`re in May already and my mind got left behind when Elder Castrejon left. It`s just a weird experience, but I know that I am still working and getting better. So maybe this is just a challenge for me to help me learn that I can still do good things and keep going even when I am tired. 

So we had a pretty decent day today. I was thinking about going to a little pueblo today that apparently has an awesome view and is really great to take pictures, but there have been agricultural strikes in other parts of the country so the zone leaders told me to wait and then maybe in a few weeks we could go. So anyways we found this sweet soccer shop and I bought a few things to get ready for the soccer world cup here in June. Colombia made it in and everyone is really excited to see how they do. So I bought a jersey with the shorts and then put those on and added a few other things that I have accumulated over the past few months. The pictures I`ll send makes me look like Colombia’s biggest fan!! It was pretty legit. Then I bought another jersey that is my favorite of all!! Usually my rule has been to buy the jerseys of the local teams in the areas that I have been in and not waste my money on the jerseys from other countries. But this jersey is from a team in Italy called Juventus. And the reason I like it well, I`m sure you`re able to tell. But because it has the JEEP logo on the front of it. I was thinking about getting the words ¨It`s a Jeep thing¨ on the back but we`ll just have to see what happens. But now I can say that I am an hincha completa of Colombia. 
Well I really really really LOVE YOU GUYS and can`t wait to talk to you at 7:30 my time on Sunday!!! HAPPY MOTHER DAY MOMMY:) :) ;)
-Elder Crook

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