Monday, May 19, 2014

I have the BEST sister!!!

Dang, just reading that last e-mail about the 1500 race gave me chills!! My bet is that mom totally cried afterwards. Honestly out of all the weeks that I have been receiving letters, I think that this week has been THE BEST out of the entire time that I have been here. I can just picture my little sister at the 150 meter mark catching up and pulling away and the most excellent part was what dad told that happened afterwards. How humble and meek Shaylen was to turn around right after and cheer the other girls on and congratulate them all as they crossed the finish. When I read that part I honestly almost cried here in the internett as I was printing out the pages. Especially that last part just kinda surprised me and caught me off guard. That extra act of kindness really really impacted me today Shay. Dad said that you have always done that, but I guess me being absent from all of your races for the last 2 years has made me forget that detail. So it was really really nice to get a detailed story on how your race went and even the thoughts that passed through your head as you were running. I especially loved what mom wrote, ¨thats what life is all about- to dig down deep and find strength that you didn`t know you had.¨ I love that quote!!! because it´s soo true, it`s all or nothing...go big or go home baby. Nothing is ever worth doing unless you are willing to give 100% and then some. Thank you soo much Shaylen for giving me such a great example. I love it so much because you all know that I love sports, and when you combine those types of analogies with sports it just really gets to me. Honestly Shay you sometimes amaze me, for me to develop the attributes and talents that you have God has had to send me all the way to Colombia and test and try me in the mission field, but for you it just comes naturally and rapidly. Congratulations on having such an outstanding senior year and good luck at State this week, I know you`ll go out and kick some absolute butt:) I`ll be praying and cheering for you from here, LOVE YOU SHAY!
So we made it through the changes my compy and I:) actually everyone in the district stayed the same, but I am now no longer district leader which made me happy lol. So it looks like good ol Elder Meren is gonna kill me, HE´S GONNA BE MY KILLER LOL. I`m pretty happy because we get along well and have a lot of fun together. I decided that I`m going to really try super hard this change not to be as serious, because sometimes I think my seriousness turns into me being boring. And who wants a boring compy NO ONE, and I definitely don`t want to be that sour fart kind of a compy. Also remember how I told you guys that I was just getting super duper tired the other week, well I found the solution: more excercise!!!! haha I found out that the person that does more exercise is for the most part less tired. We are visiting a less active member that does absolutely nothing at all ALL day and every lesson he is always tired lol, so I kinda figured that out and have been putting it into practice and hope to get into tip top shape with my chocolatinas and all;) especially because I know that the day will come that I will challenge Shay to a foot race and really don`t want her to smoke me;) 
So I have 2 pretty funny stories to tell you guys, first I`ll start out with the district meeting last Wednesday. So I called the hermanas to let them know that we were going to meet up in the church at 10:30. Then they started telling me about Elder Dos Santos and how he was supposedly leaving to go home that day. (sidenote, I knew that he wasn`t going home because we are going home together.) So I just kind of went along with it and they asked if we were gonna do anything for him, I said ¨well we didn`t really have anything in mind.¨ So they told me that we needed to do SOMETHING for him, so I went along and told them that if they bought a cake we would buy the pop. They accepted and that’s what we did, after district meeting we ate some really delicious cake to celebrate the fake end of Elder Dos Santos`s mission;) Afterwards I kinda told them that I had tricked them into buying a cake and sharing it with us. It was pretty hilarious but afterwards I told them the next time I would buy the cake to make it even. 
The other funny story has to do with the ward talent night we had on Friday. So no one really had any ideas this time so I had to take matters into my hands and came up with a pretty funny idea. But it requires that I tell a little back story first. So anyways we have a pretty sweet bishop. And in sacrament meeting sometimes we don`t really sing the best lol. He is a good singer and is in the Stake choir, so sometimes it seems like he is being tortured up there listening to us all sing. So on 2 occasions he has got up in the middle of the song and explained to us how to sing and sound good and powerful. One time he even sang the whole first verse of the hymn just to demonstrate how it was supposed to sound. So I came up with the idea that we could start like we were in sacrament meeting and then we continued with the opening hymn. When no one in the crowd started to sing but only a few people I would get up and scold them all and then tell them that this time I really had to show them how to sing. So then I would play piano and my 2 counselors would sing with me. We sang a popular christian rock song that plays here lol. It was pretty easy to figure the notes out, and we all sang REALLY hard and loud. Then afterwards we went back to normal sacrament meeting and us missionaries ended up singing ´We`ll bring the world his truth really loudly.¨ So we did that, and I even put the keyboard on the guitar setting so it sounded even cooler. Haha my counselors who were Elder Dos Santos and his companion stood up and made the whole crowd clap and everything while we were singing. I thought it was a pretty original idea;) The next Sunday in Sacrament meeting every one was joking around about it and telling me that I did a good imitation of our beloved bishop lol. He even thought it was funny and in sacrament meeting, told me to come take his spot on the stand. So I think that this bishop is never going to forget Elder Crook and how he kinda made fun of him in the talent show;) 
Well It`s time to go I just want to let all of you guys know how much I love you and how much love I feel from your letters and prayers and especially how much love I feel from God and Jesus. I can feel it every day and I feel so blessed so happy and so privileged:) LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!! ÉCHALE GANAS ESTA SEMANA!!!! 
-Elder Crook  

p.s Sorry I have so many fotos to send you, but I ran out of time, hopefully next week you`ll get a ton:)

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