Monday, February 10, 2014

My Sister's a Real Stud!

Alrighty there, I just want to start out first by congratulating Shaylen on her wonderful success!!! You’re awesome toots! Now get better so you can kick some butt this track season, we`re all rooting for ya!!! And mom I`m super happy that you were able to have a great birthday and were able to enjoy it. Also that’s super cool about your IPAD mini, I`m assuming it`s a mini version of an IPAD like a cross between the Iphone and the IPAD huh? We haven`t seen or heard anything about internet or IPADs here in our mission so I`m pretty sure that we`re not going to be able to get that technology for a looong while. But that’s pretty legit about the face time.  I`m sure you`ve tried it, the next time we skype in May you can just probably do it from dads or moms IPAD, cool no! I can remember when you wouldn`t even let me have a phone, now I`m gone and you`ve gotten all tech crazy!!
Well last Monday I kinda forgot to bring my camera to the intenet so I couldn`t send you the pics, but we just went to the biggest mall in Bucaramanga, ate some mall food.......yeeeeeaaaaahhhhhh MALL FOOD;) and took some cool pictures of the scenery, it has a pretty sweet view of the city,  so I`ll send you the pictures.  Also talking about pictures we took some preetty cool ones off of our balcony in the night time. Elder Perez went to Bogota, so we were in a trio with his companion  Elder Dominguez.   He stayed with us 2 nights and the first one we slept under the stars on our balcony. It was super legit!! 
Also that next day we had interviews with the mission president.  My interview went exactly like normal, really fast, and president asking me a few simple Q`s.  This time he asked me how I felt not being zone leader, I said absolutely GREAT! I told him that I loved not being called and whined too and just being able to focus on my area and nothing else.  He told me it was a good answer lol. Then we ended, it was like 10 minutes. Also afterwards an elder from my same group came up to me and asked ¨So when you going home?¨ I said I`m not really sure, president didn`t tell me anything.  He said ¨No, man you`ve got to ask him! I asked him, then I told him I wanted to go home in May, and he told me that was fine.¨ I honestly really didn`t think about it that much, yes the thought crossed my mind but I wasn`t going to ask president in my interview. So I realized that he`s letting us all decide when we go home. So I prayed about it and really didn`t feel like I got an answer right away, but I studied it out in my mind and told myself logically that there is no better place you can be than here, for as long as possible. So I just settled on that and decided that I would send president my weekly e-mail telling him that I wanted to go home at the end of June. But something happened to really concrete my decision.
So yesterday, we went to a lesson of some of our best most cool investigators.  Turns out that they had just got the technology to put the youtube videos on the TV.  So when we got there they were doing that. We did our best in insisting that we can`t watch TV and that we only had a short time to share a message. But they just kept on watching and talking to us, I did my best not to offend them or anything and said well sorry we have to leave we have another lesson.  They hurriedly shut everything off and we tried to start, at about this time 45 minutes had passed. So I was very irritated about having wasted 45 minutes trying not to watch youtube videos right in front of my face. Obviously we did not have the spirit and after about 5 minutes the mom started to argue with us about something really silly and stupid. So I just stopped the lesson right there because I was getting more and more irritated and letting the natural man get to me more and more. So we just finished with a prayer, and I decided to put to work a tactic our mission president taught us about having companionship inventories but with the members and investigators, explaining our rules and norms and establishing some ground rules. So I tried telling them about how we would just like to come and teach the lesson and leave, because our time is very precious. They understood that all we`re here to do is just teach and fill our weekly quota of lessons and not help anybody. But after failed attempts to explain I could tell that it was going nowhere. I ended with one statement, ¨I only have a limited time to wear this plaque, to be a representative of Jesus Christ, and when I am on his errand, when he is giving me his time, I cannot waste one second, I just can`t, thats who I am and that is what I will do, because he doesn`t accept anything less than my best. ¨ I ended tearing up and bearing my testimony. We left feeling like crap, but I got my answer, I am staying here all the time I can giving everything possible. 

Love you guys tons!!!!!
-Elder Crook

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