Monday, February 24, 2014

It Doesn't matter where you are at or what you are doing, it matters on WHO you are with!

So I`ve had a decent uneventful week this week, it was a good last week of the change. Yup me and my kid are staying together for another one here in Real de Minas:)
So I sent you a pic of Elder Perez and I last week at our last p-day together. We all got together and the Peruvians (there are a ton from Peru here in the Zone) made a Peruvian dish called Lomo Saltado which is what you saw in the picture. It was fun and the food was pretty tasty. We played some mikro and just basically sat around and talked while we waited for the food to cook. Then on Tuesday, we had a zone service project where we went and cleaned up a neighborhood. We just basically picked up trash and swept the streets but the neighborhood was in a huge hole! haha we had to climb up tons of stairs but the view was awesome. I`ll send you guys pics. Then Wednesday we had district meeting and I said goodbye to my best buddy Elder Perez. He left Wednesday night for Bogota spent the day Thursday there doing who knows what, and then left for Chile Friday. It was sad to see him go, but I was just soo amazed at how he went in such a humble manner. Most missionaries get a little bit prideful at the end because they think because they have 2 years doing this they know everything. But not Elder Perez, I really admire him and think I have made a friend and a brother for life:) I think if a missionary can end more humble than he started, he will be lightyears ahead of those who end more prideful. 
So Dad, glad you liked the last letter:)  No we haven’t got to teach the family home evening with the 10 non members. BUT remember the time in Cucuta when I was asking you guys for those object lessons? part of it was for this reason.  We would do lots of family home evenings with big groups of people so I used the object lessons to make them laugh and get interested in our message and then we`d just teach everyone apart because teaching people in groups is ridiculously hard and usually ends up in failure. I remember once in Cucuta a non member invited us to a family party. We took a few videos with us thinking that we could watch one, BUT the little kids were watching so when we got there, the investigators told us to just share a short message with everyone (over 20 people) so we shared the short version of the restoration and it did not go very well. I don`t even think we had gotten a minute into it and people were shouting out questions and objections and it just turned into a Q and A session, but it was a cool experience. Also the time we went to the go carts in church clothes was because we went outside of the zone to go do stuff, so whenever we do that we have to wear Church clothes, but when we`re inside the zone doing activities that are ¨inapropriate for church attire¨ we can wear normal clothes. We went back to the go carts today, and I realized that I am a really dirty driver;) it`s just so fun to make people crash lol, but the people got mad at me this time because I whacked into Dominguez making him do a full 360 into the tires. Also the second time I went I got a crappy cart that would hardly turn or brake. So I got tired of going slow and gassed the thing straight into the tires( they got even more mad) I told them I wanted a different  one and the one they gave me was better. Also this just came to my mind, can you send me a picture of my mission plaque? that would be totally sweet.
So me and my compa are becoming really great friends! I am really starting to enjoy his company and we have a great relationship. Last night we celebrated the end of his first change a little bit drinking some jugo we made and watching a video that I have on the Old Testament. Neither of us were very tired so we just stayed up talking, you know when this happens you have a good companionship. Then it started to rain real hard and lightning and thunder started up and I guess in Peru lightning never strikes so we got up and watched the lightning a little bit and he was all excited and I sat there just as content as possible counting my blessings. I have the best job ever, my companion is great, I`m in my dream city, we have people to teach, man theres not a better feeling than being a missionary and loving it! 
Well I want to end my letter (sorry if its lacking more substance) thanking you guys for all you are doing for me. Thanks for looking for a house)  Either way, what Josh says is true, once we`re all there we can look for something better for the next semester. The thing is, I want to be with them both and will live anywhere just to be with them both thats my motto of the week ¨it`s not where you are or what you’re doing, it`s WHO you’re with.¨ Also I honestly just want to thank you guys for being such good parents. I will never forget something dad told me when we were little living in Utah. ¨I will always love you, but I will not always trust you.¨ I feel like over these last few years I have been able to build a little trust within you guys even though I do do things and say things wrong sometimes. I am becoming to really cherish and value the trust that we have as a family and I think that one of my biggest fears would be losing that trust that you guys have in me. I absolutley love how you guys treat me! When I left home I felt like both mom and dad just converted into my best friends and mentors and Shaylen has always been a friend to me. I really appreciate the support and freedom that you give me, I love you guys soooooooooooooo MUCH!!!!!!!! 
-Elder Crook

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