Monday, February 17, 2014

Hopefully a better letter this week

Alright so first off, I woke up early this morning to my bed shaking back and forth, it shook for about 3 or 4 seconds and then the last second or 2 it felt like I was going over a big bump in the car. By this time I was wide awake and excitedly  half yelled to my comp. ¨Hey compa did you feel that!? ¨ He`s like, ¨Yeah, I felt it, did it scare you?¨ I responded, ¨Yeah, but just a little¨ We kinda had a little chuckle and went back to bed. THE FIRST TIME I had felt a tremor!!! We live on the 5th floor so we felt it stronger than it really was but it was pretty cool! So that's how my day started, with a new experience.
So first of all I would like to clarify a few things from last week. Sorry for the short letter but I ran out of time. So, the whole weekend last week we had stake conference, well as you know the missionaries don`t usually go to the Saturday night session. But our mission president told us that we needed to go, I really didn`t see the reason why, plus we were going to have a family home evening at that same investigators house that I told you guys about the last week and they were going to invite like 10 of their non member friends. So I was really bummed and they were too, when we canceled on them. But they told us to pass by Sunday and we`d just have a little lesson with just them (which is where my experience comes from that I told you about last week) So turns out there really was no reason that we had to go to the dumb Saturday night session. THEN the zone leaders call and tell me that I was invited to a special meeting called ¨time to shine¨ on Sunday afternoon. This is for all the elders that have 4 months left on their missions or less. I argued and said that I was probably not included because I didn`t know if I was leaving in May or June. But they told me to go, so I went. Once again, totally pointless, president just pounded into our heads how we should give everything we have to the Lord and not waste a single second of time. So I went back to my area with the mindset of ¨great, I just lost all this time in these last 2 days, we`re going to have 5 lessons in a little over 3 hours. Well that's when I ran into the problem of the youtube and television. So I tried and tried to explain to the investigators but it just didn`t work. Another thing, I have a great relationship with this family and I would say that they trust in me, so I decided to try to explain to them heart to heart my situation, knowing that if anything went wrong, everything would be ok the next day and we would still have the trust that we have. So I was a little more hard on them than usuall. They didn`t like it, but it`s all good now:) and from that experience, a new feeling came into my heart. An amazing feeling of love and charity for Christ and his work, a feeling that cannot be described but resulted in a few tears shed and a decision made. I LOVE being an authoriized representative of Christ. I am so grateful for the opportunity that he gives me to stand shoulder to shoulder with him (although definitely not at his altitude) and put those shoulders to the wheel. I have come to realize that this time is unique and special and limited. So thank you for your support especially Shay and Mom. Thank you:) I sent a letter to president last week and he confirmed to me this week that my date is the 27th of June. Also, did you guys know that before I did? haha
So also I didn`t have time to tell you about p-day last week, it was totally legit! So after buying some Colombian style sandals with the colors of the flag, that look REALLY feminine but complete my Colombian outfit, we went to drive some GO-CARTS!!! yeah thats what I`m talking about:) We were with E`perez his comp E`Dominguez and my comp. I figured that most of these guys hadn`t had a WHOLE lot of experience with cars, so I planned to get the first go-cart and lap them all. Yeah that's just what I did, I burned rubber and was halfway around the track before they could say hola. So the second lap I passed them all, screaming in elation and pointing a taunting finger in their direction lol. Then I was able to pass Elder Perez and Elder Castrejon again, but Dominguez had gotten the course down, so we were dog fighting it and he made me crash twice because I tried to take the inside line and he just crashed me into the tires. Then the time ended, and I encouraged everyone to take one more run!!! so we did, this time I was in the back and passed Perez and Castrejon right away, but Dominguez and I dog fought it out for another lap then I conserved my speed around a tight curve while he drifted around it and I whizzed past him turning around and screaming ¨that a baby big BOOIII¨ (he speaks english) and he while looking at me crashed into some tires lol. So I whizzed around the track and while the track employee was pulling Dominguez`s big but out of the tires I got right behind him and passed him again making him crash once more....getting even which was my goal:) then once the time was up I decided to take a glory lap and around the last corner I tapped the brake and did a few cookies to finish. YEAH it was pretty boss. I hadn`t driven anything like that for quite a while!
SO we had a baptism this week!!! E` Castrejon was able to baptize her and he was super happy I could tell:) He`s usually pretty even keel about his emotions and I haven`t seen him anywhere close to mad yet. But I asked him how he felt afterwards and he just told me bubbling with excitement. ¨I feel just like I did on my baptism day!¨ It made me even more happ than I was to see him so happy! Afterwards she bore her testimony as well and it was really powerfull. We have been really blessed here. We found this lady the first night that we got here, She is the best friend of a member who is just returning to the church. That night she said an awesome prayer and thanked God for the feelings of peace and comfort that these 2 ¨muchachos¨ had given her. Obviously we know that it wasn`t us, it was the spirit:) and the next lesson she accepted the baptismal date. It was really cool to see someone just so prepared fall into our path on the first night in Bucaramanga. Also in sacrament, the bishop asked me if I could do the confirmation. It was the first time that I had ever conferred the holy ghost to someone, and it was a great experience for me. I think when one is conferring the holy spirit to someone is when you feel the spirit the most. It hit me like a freight train, and I had to stop a moment to recollect myself and go on with the blessing. The words flowed out of my mouth as I gave her a simple blessing in Spanish. It was a cool experience that I hope to never forget. 
Also I learned something new this week. I got here with all these ideas to make the ward work better and fix it. No one listened to me, it occurred to me that that was normal. Who would listen to a snot nose missionary that thinks he knows whats best for the Ward when he hasn`t even had a full week there. So I just shut my mouth and went to work, It`s a good slogan right ¨just shut your mouth and go to work.¨ Now, after a month the bishop asked us if we could meet with him, and he gave my comp an assignment of a talk! I think he`s trusting in us more:)
Alright so I`d just like to finish telling you guys that covered parking would be really nice at BYU, and that me and Albrecht don`t have any other requests on housing, just that we are all living together and that my mom can keep talking to his mom and figure it out:) Love you guys TONS!!!! I pray for you every night:) thank you so much for your support and advice:)
-Elder Crook 

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